Monday, November 10, 2008

Haldimand "Will You Please Give $5.00 a Month"

There are many issues that come and go in every day life. Some of us get involved, others don't.

What would you give up to fight an issue? Would you give up your livelihood? Would you live on donations given to you by your neighbours? Would you be proud to tell people that you only have "$3.00" to your name?

Gary McHale states that he lost his home in Richmond Hill because of the Caledonia land claims, I say he lost his home because he decided not to work and pay his bills. Again I am probably being insensitive here, but give me a break it is not "Caledonia's" fault that Gary lost his home and has $3.00 dollars in his pocket!

There are many people out there today that are living from paycheck to paycheck. Some are working two jobs for minimum wage, and are too proud to say that they have not enough to support their family.

Now you may say that I am insensitive, but I grew up in a family that did live from paycheck to paycheck. My Father was a proud man, and when times were tough, he was humble. We always had food on the table, a roof over our heads, and never "needed" for anything that was an absolute necessity!

So when I see this kind of news I am a bit opinionated! Gary get a Job!

Gary is now asking the approx. 5,000 people that voted for him in the last Federal election to financially support his endeavours. Gary may just find out that many of his votes, were protest votes. I could be wrong, but time will tell if the majority of these voters do in fact give Gary $5.00 per month to support his cause. We will never know the outcome of his plea!

There are far too many people right here in Haldimand that fight to keep the roof over their heads, food on the table, and their essential bills paid. I say if you are going to donate money to anyone, give to your local charities, for those that are in need!

The following is a plea from a resident of Caledonia. This letter was full of spelling mistakes, so I took it in my own hands and corrected them! I received this in an email and it is posted on Caledonia Wake up Call;

As we continue into our third year of the occupation it has become very evident that Gary McHale has become an important voice for the Victims of Native Land Claims Occupations and violence. Gary has worked relentlessly on our behalf and has been a voice to reckon with in dealing with the issues of Native Occupations, Violence against innocent Citizens and Police inaction against the criminals.

To be able to continue the fight on our behalf Gary urgently needs our financial support. He needs money to pay for court transcripts, extra funds would enable him to pay for expert legal advice and of course he needs money to live on and survive to be there for us on another day.

Before you dismiss this plea for financial help stop and ask yourselves where would we be today without Gary's research, tenacity and penchant for seeking the truth and holding the Government and the police accountable.

Think back to the visionaries of the 60's and 70's who went to the streets to protest and think of the difference they made in our lives and then think what will happen if Gary can't continue on in his quest to ensure everyone's rights under the constitution equally.

In the past election Gary clearly demonstrated that he had the support of almost 5000 voters in Haldimand and that didn't include the many doners outside the community that supported Gary's campaign.

He also demonstrated through poll results that he clearly won the vote in Caledonia in all polls except for two and in those two he placed 2nd.

What we need is a very small commitment from all of those people who clearly supported Gary in the past election to donate at least $5.00 each per month into a war fund which Gary could use to pay his rent and other legal and court expenses in the fight for our rights.

It would be nice if all of those that voted for Gary could donate $5.00 each but reality tells us that that might not happen.

The money would be used frugally and would enable Gary to mount a sizable defense against the crimes of the Native occupiers, the lies of Fantino and the denial of the Government.

It is not uncommon for court documents and transcripts to cost $500.00 or more and as Gary continues on his quest it will become more important for him to have access to these documents.

We could set up a bank account at a local bank into which each and every one of us would diligently donate $5.00 each month and only Gary could withdraw funds from this account as needed for the continued fight.

It is our chance to get involved and become part of the solution and I know we would all feel better at the end of the day knowing we did something other than bitch about it.I would hope that several citizens of Caledonia would set up the account and oversee it's integrity and I don't propose that I nor any one directly associated with Gary would control the account.

The one thing important though is that the money be available for Gary's sole use at his discretion so that important strategic decisions aren't stymied through pettiness and bickering.

Any surplus money could be used for Gary to obtain paid legal advice on his many court challenges and at the end the surplus balance could become part of a community fund that could be used for the betterment of the community.

All of us can afford $5.00 per month and some might want to contribute more but that is their choice.

Gary needs our financial support now and I will be the first to donate my monthly $5.00 when you have the account set up for Gary's expenses.

We could go to our own personal bank and give them a standing order to deposit $5.00 each month into this war chest for Gary.

This order could be rescinded at any time should we decide that Gary no longer needs our support or we wish not to continue with it.

Without money and support the resistance will be lost and none of us want to see that happen. If anyone would like to volunteer to make this happen please contact me and we can set up a steering committee to get things on track but I do not want to be part of the citizen's group so that no one can point fingers at me, accusing me of trying to benefit financially from this program.

Gary has nothing to do with my plea for financial assistance on his behalf and he does not know about me posting it here. I have talked to Merlyn about my plan and have asked him to also help seek out volunteers to set up this account for Gary.

This would be a strong message from the people to the establishment that we want justice, equality and we will not go away.Of course if there is someone else in the community that will run an information board like Gary has been running with CaledoniaWakeupcall and take up the fight to the extent that Gary has then we would welcome you to do it and Gary's services and our financial help would no longer be needed.

Somehow I don't think we have anyone else willing to do all that Gary has done for us so we must support him at his moment of need.Jim Anderson

This is the news article that was published today in the Simcoe Reformer;

Supporters pass hat for McHale
Posted By Monte Sonnenberg, SIMCOE REFORMER
Posted 2 hours ago

Supporters of Caledonia activist Gary McHale have asked the public to support his efforts with donations of cash.

In a letter recently posted on McHale's website -- -- friend and supporter Jim Anderson, of Caledonia, says McHale needs help to continue court challenges related to the native standoff at the disputed Douglas Creek Estates subdivision.

Anderson adds that McHale, who ran as an independent in Haldimand-Norfolk in the Oct. 14 federal election, also needs help with living expenses.

"He needs money to pay for court transcripts, extra funds would enable him to pay for expert legal advice and, of course, he needs money to live on and survive to be there for us another day," the Anderson letter says.

Last week, McHale, of Binbrook, confirmed that his fight against the province's handling of the Caledonia file has cost him financially and professionally.

"I'm constantly in debt," he said. "At this moment in time I have $3 to my name, and that includes the change I have in the console of my car. I can't put gas in my car until someone comes through with a donation. I lost my home in Richmond Hill because of Caledonia."

McHale was a self-employed computer technician before the Caledonia land dispute erupted in February of 2006.

McHale has since devoted himself to challenging the McGuinty government's management of the crisis. This includes the toleration of native lawlessness, the proliferation of illegal smoke shops in the Caledonia area, and efforts on the part of the Ontario Provincial Police to mute and discourage non-native protestors.

McHale maintains that the McGuinty government's handling of the Caledonia situation is establishing the principle of two-tiered, race-based justice in Canada. In opposition to this, he has established a non-governmental organization called Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality (CANACE).

"Caledonia is a full-time job," said McHale, who is president of CANACE. "I survive on donations. I pay the rent when people donate money."

McHale has been tied up in court for several days since last month's election. He is fighting a charge of "counselling mischief not committed."

The OPP charged McHale following a protest in Caledonia in September, 2007. During that protest, McHale allegedly told a fellow protester to block a road with his vehicle. The protester did not comply, but the OPP proceeded with charges because counselling illegal activity is prohibited by law.

McHale placed fourth in Haldimand-Norfolk last month with 4,821 votes. He says money raised on his behalf will not be used to defray campaign expenses.
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  1. "I survive on donations. I pay the rent when people donate money"

    This is pathetic, coming from a pathetic man. Does he not have a wife to support? Get a Job McHale, like the rest of us!

  2. We tell Gary to get a job!!!

    Now be man or women enough to tell these Radical Natives to get a Job!!! They want to steel the tax dollars we work for??? A far greater evil!!!

    AS a man: I say Radical Natives on the DCE (Our Canadian soil): get a JOB & off our land too!!!

    If you can't tell the Radical Natives to get a job: then leave Gary alone!!!

    Jim Smith

  3. If I read this correctly Donna did tell Gary to get a job! And I agree. Isn't Mchale being sued for millions of dollars? Do you not think that maybe that is what he needs the money for to support him while he fights his own battles? Give me a break, when and if McHale becomes a millionaire will he help out the people of sixth line an buy their homes. It is all about McHale, and what is good for McHale, he is using the bunch of you and you don't even know it!

  4. Thanks for your comments.

    Jim I did say "Gary get a Job" and I meant that.

    I have dealt with and know Gary personally. We have always agreed to disagree and this is no different. I am only speaking the truth. I have received many e-mails and even phone calls in the past in regards to Gary's finances. This is not new news. But what bothered me was that it hit the newspapers and this is sad.

    In the past the pleas for money have come from his close friends and private e-mails, not from a daily newspaper.

    You can call it what you want, but my gut feeling is that there are many proud people out there that work their butts off to support their family and this sort of news for me personally undermines the plight of those that have a hard time feeding their children, buying winter coats and mitts, paying the hydro bill etc.

    Gary chose to quit his job and work at this issue full time, so he needs to do what most of us do when we make a decision, live with the outcome of what you decided to do. "This is not Caledonia's fault"

    Gary has chosen to make his private finances "public" information, if he or anyone else has a hard time with that then so be it!

    I will say it again, if you have extra cash please give it to a local charity. This could keep the lights and heat on for a family that is in desperate need of our help. Give to the campaign for winter coats, boots and gloves, to keep a child warm. Give to your local food banks so that others that are not as fortunate as some, can have a good meal today!

    I could go on, but hopefully Jim you understand my passion on this issue!

  5. All we hear about is money, money money. If it isn't the natives, it is Haldimand Council, and now it is McHale. What happened to doing the right thing?

  6. Donna,

    Thank you so much for posting your perspective and opinion on this issue.

    I regret that I will leave myself posting as "Anonymous" but I prepare myself for a rainy day.

    Like you, I too have been personally asked by Mr. McHale for funds on more than one occassion. He has never received one single dime from me in cash, I have provided the hospitality to feed him and his wife in the comfort of my home. I never asked for anything in return except openness and honesty.

    It should be noted that I never received anything in return save for an attempt to induce guilt and a shortlived attack on my character as I refused to agree with the platitudes of one-sidedness.

    I could go on and on, but you have pretty well covered my views on the importance of donating to charity.

    The following may sound harsh, so I ask you in advance to forgive me...Gary, you are asking for money to pay your rent, put food on your table and help offset legal expenses. Gary, as I am a resident of Caledonia, I have already given you the opportunity to utilize my funds through both donations to worthy charities and taxes.

    I ask you Gary, to please swallow your pride and accept the services available to us all during financial difficulties as an aside to using the media to beg on your behalf.

    The following is a list of wonderful places that hold no malice and place no judgement who are able to help you where my funds have already been spent:

    1) Your local Food Bank (who through the generosity of individuals and volunteers provide an amazing service that should be commended. Any one of us could find ourselves needing their assistance.)

    2) The Salvation Army (these people are a wealth of assistance in trying times and they have nothing but my respect.)

    3) The Good Shepherd Hostile (you can't control who your neighbours are, but you will be warm and fed.)

    4) Welfare. (They are there for a reason and there should be no shame in applying for the benefits that they provide including medical assistance if necessary.)

    5) Legal Aid.

  7. Last time I checked Gary was living in a brand new rent free semi-detached home in Binbrook thanks to a benevolent developer.

    I guess now that the economy has tanked things have changed with this arrangement.

    Has he now been asked to pay "rent" which he collects through public donations as an income?

    If he has a car and can't afford the gas, how on earth can he afford the Insurance?

  8. I totally agree with everyone that has stated the obvious -- 'Get A Job.'

    Many places out there are hiring, I know because I have teenagers who have put in alot of time, putting in applications. They have their jobs, so why can't he apply somewhere, anywhere and get a job.

    I prefer to give to our local charities.

  9. The sense of entitlement to free hand-outs this man and his wife have is absolutely mind-blowing !!

    What has he done?...nothing except re-stating obvious problems, tensions and concerns to a populace who already knows. He tries to be the "go-to" person as if he is the only one who knows this stuff.

    He doesn't live in Caledonia and never has. Dave and Dana if anyone needs help as well as a host of regular underpriviledged people in any population. But Gary and Christine?..........Give ne a break! This is bordering on fraud in my opinion.

    Has he completed his audit to Elections Canada yet? Is every dime accounted for?

    Why is he crying about having $3.00? Where are his sheep that idolize him? He can't borrow $20.00 for milk, bread and Kraft Dinner?

    Since he doesn't work, he needs to get a bicycle from a yard sale for $10.00 and look for a job in Binbrook for God sakes. Deliver newspapers or be a bus boy at the local eateries.

    Here we have two able bodied adults with no kids who refuse to earn their way and yet are quite willing to take private citizens into small claims court to steal quick settlement cash off them not to mention also suing media and authorities for the same easy cash. Does he care about ruining the lives and careers of others?.......not one bit!

    He and Christine seem to want to make a buck off the pain of others and saw Caledonia as a golden opportunity........and it failed. So get a job!!

    These two are nothing but a public menace. The courts really have to start shutting them down for good.

    Great topic Donna and kudos for standing up for what's right.

    Dave Brown seemed to also call McHale out for what he is also last week in the Teka. And so did Toby about a month ago.

    Go away McHale! SCRAM!!

  10. Come on everyone give gary a break. He needs gas money for goodness sake to get to the courthouse and do his good work. After all where would we all be without his help the last 3 years. My goodness!

    People like Jim and Merlyn have been under a spell with the likes of McHale. I feel sorry for anyone that seems to think it is okay to beg for money like this. We should all feel very sorry for this man.

  11. "If you can't tell the Radical Natives to get a job: then leave Gary alone!!!"

    What kind of statement is this?

    GAry has opened up himself to be ridiculed by the public. This has nothing to do with anyone except himself.

    Some are certainly blinded by the light!

  12. "Now, Mr. McHale is just two weeks away from arguing 3 separate Charter of Rights challenges related to the OPP’s attempt to silence his voice via a trumped-up charge of ‘Counselling Mischief Not Committed’ related to a protest that took place at an illegal smokeshack in Caledonia on Dec 01/08."

    The money is needed for his own case. The above is from his site Donna. I have been at some of the rally's that McHale was at and I can tell you that he ecks people on, trying to get them to do what he wants. He is a user.

    Donna are you not in fear now of being sued by McHale?

  13. "If you can't tell the Radical Natives to get a job: then leave Gary alone!!!"
    What kind of statement is this?"

    Those Natives terrorize Caledonia cause they don't work: get it!!!
    They are using land claims so not to work!!!
    How much will these Radicals get from us more then five Bucks.
    With out Gary how would any one know what happen in our own town our local papers??? LOL

    How much do we pay for a local paper that has nothing in it worth reading!!!Stories that will never be told: just SAD!!!

    So don't tell us how to feel or have pitty for: we want to know the truth!!!Gary to me just tells me what I wouldn't hear other wise but people in town don't want to know!!! I pitty this sheep!!!

    Think about it: I have!!!

    Jim Smith

  14. A few people have forgotten that not long ago a letter was written and circulated in regards to the people of Caledonia. This letter was putting the people down for not getting involved and giving Gary money. In one breath they are asking for money and he is posting it on his site, in the next breath he is putting down the people of Caledonia. Make up your mind Gary what it is, we haven't forgotten as you have. Oh another thing I would like to add, now I know why Gary ran in the Federal Election, it was to do this, ask for money. He couldn't have believed for a moment that he was going to win.

  15. McHale has a probem with authorities all his life and has a problem with conflict in his own life.

    His own father said that in the newspaper.

    Gary admitted in the same paper that he wants it all or nothing.

    Well, he can't have it all so now he has nothing. (except for $3.00)

    Case closed.

  16. To Jim Smith!!!!!

    I know you Jim. I know that early on in the occupation you were riding around on the back of a native operated ATV holding a native flag.

    I know you Jim. I know you well enough to remember that it was you who spoke in the media to state that there were many good things that could be done with the DCE to improve the lives of natives.

    I know you Jim. I know that it was you and your son that stood in the Slack Plaza with signs and you seemed to turn your tide on the issues at hand.

    I know you Jim, because it was me that guided your son away to safety and home when the shyte was hitting the fan in Caledonia in August 2006, not you.

    I know you Jim. I remember when you had no problem stating privately to anyone that would listen that Gary was using you to make headlines when that swastika appeared on your home and then Gary told YOU, of all of his supporters, to 'shut up or go home' from one of his (Gary's) many organized rallies.

    I know you Jim's Dunnville treating you lately?

  17. Thanks everyone for you comments.

    I want to make it clear that this blog was about Gary McHale and not the people that follow him. If you are someone that follows and supports Gary McHale that is your choiceand your business.

    Sometimes when someone is very close to the issue they don't see clearly, this is not to say that his followers are right or wrong, it is again their choice.

    The space that this took up in the newspaper could have been better served. The space could have been used to get people to donate to food banks, non-profit groups etc. And help out the less fortunate residents of Haldimand.

    I do not consider McHale as a less fortunate person. He has the talents to work and he has chosen the opposite. His work is being paid by the people that choose to donate their money to him, and that is their right to do so if they wish.

    I for one will donate to the organizations that help out the people in our community that are truly trying to do their best but just can't make ends meet.

  18. Just a word of caution to any of Mr. Mchale's supporters, if this plea for help doesn't work out for him and he invites you to join him in Binbrook for a glass of koolaid, DON'T GO!!!

  19. Three points.

    1) Why the Simcoe paper? Has he run out of local sympathy and the papers here will not print his pleas for easy, free cash?
    Where's Merlyn? Where's Parkinson and Vandermaas? Don't they have cash to support Gary? Even some cash to take him grocery shopping?

    2) Is this a panicked move trying to hijack any cash donations to Dave and Dana? Is he just upset that Dave and Dana got the press the last few weeks for their legitimate plight?

    Gary can't run to Toby and Tory to do a public plea to feed his mouth and his wifes?

    3) Why would anyone beg for handouts like this when they don't even live in any of the affected jurisdictions? And why wouldn't people donate to upcoming traditional holiday season charities. Salvation Army, food banks, CHML Christmas Tree of Hope etc. this year is going to be a lean Christmas for many who work and have kids and who don't have free housing the last year like those two able bodied adults
    who won't get a job.

  20. Well, thanks to Donna for allowing a lot of people to get their thoughts off their chest.

    Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of McHale's interference with the business of Caledonia and Haldimand.

    The county is full of quite capable voices who can bring up the very same issues but in a responsible way. His divisive and confrontational methods do nothing but deepen the problems that already exist, which may have been his goal anyhow in order to profit and gain control and power.

    He has shown his true colours and underlying motives quite clearly and even some of the louder voices amongst actual residents of Caledonia have shunned him and told him to go away and stop creating added trouble.

    He and his wife really need to go away quietly now and get jobs and hobbies elsewhere.

    The jig is up. It's over.

    Goodbye Gary and Christine. Good luck with the job search wherever you may settle next.

  21. Sadly, instead of going out looking for a job, Gary is spending Remembrance Day bashing natives again while sitting on his butt at his computer.

    He just posted this:

    "It is quite hard to have a First Nations person as prime minister when they spend so much of their time telling us that they are not Canadians and Canada is not a country."

    As usual, Gary uses the term "they" and tries to lump every native together.

    Canada has many natives who have risen up into positions of power, prestige and politics. Does he not realize that thousands upon thousands of natives volunteered in World Wars and served beside all other Canadians to fight in the trenches? And native moms and dads lost their sons on the battlefields too and live with that pain.

    Or is Gary's hatred so deep that he doesn't care.

    What a low life he is to continue his attacks right on Remembrance Day of all things.

    Fuuny thing is that the average native pays more taxes than he does. Go figure!

    Gary, Get a job!

  22. Thanks for your comments everyone.

    The following is an e-mail that I received today from Gary McHale at CWUC;

    It appear Donna Pitcher, who supported Diana Finley in the election, is bugged by Jim Anderson's view that maybe people could support the cause
    - i.e. Gary McHale and CANACE.

    It appear Donna didn't understand that I won Caledonia and as such the people of Caledonia clearly want me to be a voice and continue the fight - of course, to people like Donna this work should be done for free.

    There are tens of thousands of groups in Canada that live off Donation - MADD etc. but somehow Donna and those who share her view never tell these groups to 'Get a Job'. Maybe the Taxpayer's Federation and MADD and the countless other groups should STOP ASKING FOR MONEY and get a

    What kind of country would Canada be if it wasn't for those who
    take on the causes that effect all of us. The last time I checked all
    churches live off donations as well.

    Read Mrs. Pitcher's Post -

  23. What a shame that a few people who aren't willing to pay a price to help others seem compelled to smear someone who is.

    McHale has risked everything he has - financial, freedom, reputation, and his safety - while those of you who criticize him have risked...NOTHING.

    Shame on you. YOu don't deserve his help. If he did decide to pack it in (and who could blame him?) who would you whine about next? Who could you blame to cover up the fact that you, yourselves, are unwilling to do anything meaningful to help the victims of Caledonia?

    Last I checked, it was McHale who got the development going again in Cayuga. It was McHale who got charges laid against Floyd and Ruby. And it's McHale who has now exposed Fantino for the slimeball he is. it was McHale who wrote the reports to document the crimes and injustices committed against innocent people. These are just to name a few.

    What have YOU done other than chew at the heels of an imperfect but good man who has done more in one day that you all have accomplished in two years.

    For shame.

  24. I will concede that in his own way yes McHale has been working hard on the Caledonia issues, but only on the issue he sees "Two Tier Justice" there is a much larger issue effecting Caledonia The Claim Against OUR LAND. His fight on the law seems to be more of a vendetta against Fantino with little to do with Caledonia. (perhaps they have a history prior to Caledonia and Fantino being head of OPP)
    the thing here is money, from the day McHale blew into Caledonia he asked for money continuously, for security for his rallies, for his gas, for bill payments, for mortgage and so on and so forth. My question is would anyone of you be willing to claim bankruptcy because of organizing rallies and other media events for a town you don't even live? McHale found a townhome for his family, but couldn't afford rent, someone paid the rent for him for the first year, now the next year is upon him and again he needs help paying the rent and bills, because of Caledonia Issues. On his election site he stated he is a World Re Noun Wildlife Photographer, in the past he stated he was a Computer Programmer. These are great qualifications for employment and are the type of employment that can work around difficult schedules. We would all love someone to pay our bills, are rent/mortgage, it's called winning Lotto 649, Caledonia Issues are not McHales Lotto 649!

    Asking for donations for lawn signs during an election, donations for court fees in order to help Caledonia, are one thing, but asking for donations to pay for gas, rent/mortgage, and other household bills is totally taking advantage of the generous people of Canada! There are o many Charities that need our money now mroe then ever with the economy the way it is. If you are going to give, give to the children in need! From those in Caledonia I spoke with they only voted McHale for protest and nothing more!


  25. I live on a very tight income and if I had anything to give it would
    be to Gary, people how soon we forget, as you were following Gary
    on a march against two tier law system in this province, forget what anyone else says to you about
    donating to help him and his cause
    which in turn will benefit each and every one of you out there, use the feelings in youre heart and let that guide you, not what one may poste, no person should carry this problem alone, Gary may
    God be with you and you,re family.

  26. Oops I pushed the wrong button to the previous comment.I always said if you can,t sign it don,t send it.

  27. It looks like Gary's email that he sent to everyone (I rec'd it as well) has resulted in a few of his staunch supporters visit your site Donna.

    Gary should have left this alone!

    I don't have a problem with people giving him money for transcripts etc. but for him to say that until someone gives him money he can't drive his car??? give your head a shake!!

    It also looks like maybe Gary is a bit upset that you Donna did not support him in the election.

    Then there are those supporters of Gary who when they are faced with other peoples opinions, start saying things one in Caledonia has done anything but Gary McHale!!! This pisses me off!!

    There are many people in Caledonia and in Haldimand that have been there for the residents. Donna you are one of them and you have never asked for money for your gas.

    It was NOT Gary McHales doing that the builder in Cayuga was able to finsish his subdivision.

    Gary is so full of himself it is enough to make your sick!

    Donna good job, and by the way I thought you wrote this well!

  28. For the person above who posted this, What have YOU done other than chew at the heels of an imperfect but good man who has done more in one day that you all have accomplished in two years.

    This is from a follower of McHale?

    I say SHAME on YOU!

  29. I wondered what great things Donna Pitcher had done in her life so I checked out Wikipedia to see the great write up they would have on her. They didn't have one but there is a quote from Donna Pitcher on Mayor Trainer's page.

    Pitcher threatened: "'If [Trainer] keeps going as she has done, her career is over. She is done,'... Around election time in 2006, [Pitcher promised to] remind the public, through ads, what council has done with the hydro company, if they [decided] to sell"

    Since Mayor Trainer won the 2006 election and Donna was defeated then I would suggest that Donna being against McHale isn't going to hurt McHale too much.

  30. Thanks again for your comments.

    I want to make it clear once again where I am coming from. When I here Gary McHale saying things like;

    "I survive on donations. I pay the rent when people donate money"

    "I'm constantly in debt," he said. "At this moment in time I have $3 to my name, and that includes the change I have in the console of my car. I can't put gas in my car until someone comes through with a donation."

    "I lost my home in Richmond Hill because of Caledonia."

    These are all "choices that Gary Mchale has made".

    I just can't understand if things are that bad, and you are sitting in your living room making statements like, I can't put gas in my car until someone gives me money, it is just plain sad. Asking for money for court transcripts etc. is one thing, sitting around waiting for the donations to come in to pay for your "personal expenses" is what gets me!

    As far as MADD and other organizations that are reputable that people give money to help out their causes, I don't believe that any of your donations pay for their "personal household bills".

    I donate to several organizations and if I was to find out that my money paid for someones personal hydro bill, or put gas in their personal car, they would never get a cent out of me again!

  31. Well Donna I guess I would be called a looser. If I check out my name on Wikipedia, nothing would come up at all. Does that mean that I have done nothing with my life? Or I have done nothing good with my life? Think of the thousands of volunteers just in Haldimand County, are they all on Wikipedia. No, and yes they are very proud of what they do. They don't need to be stroked to make them feel that their lives are valuable.

    Pretty petty of this poster I would say.

  32. "As far as MADD and other organizations that are reputable that people give money to help out their causes, I don't believe that any of your donations pay for their "personal household bills"."

    So let's get this straight. When you donate to MADD not one penny goes to pay personal household bills? Just how do you think the people who work at MADD pay their household bills? Do you think they hold a second job to pay their bills? And the people at UNICEF hold a second job to pay their bills?

    Maybe you can explain why MADD can use donations to pay personal bills but CANACE cannot.


    The budget above for MADD has wages at $830,200 not including other salaries paid out via their various programs. Does Donna believe none of this money goes to pay personal hydro bills or for gas for personal use?

  34. It is the responsibility of everyone in this life to ensure they are able to take care of themselves including financially.

    While I support the many efforts of people in relation to the failure by governments in Haldimand and Brant Counties to deal with lawlessness, the rights of everyone including privately deeded land, everyone involved in the situation is on their own to eke out a living.

    There is nothing I'm aware of that says those that have must ensure that those that don't have get to share what they have.

    Everyone needs to find a way to take care of themselves or they leave themselves open to criticism.

    Donna you have presented honest clear postings over the past couple of years to your credit. For someone to attack you personally for stating the obvious is uncalled for and petty.

    Keep up the good work Donna.


  35. "sitting around waiting for the donations to come in to pay for your "personal expenses" is what gets me!"

    Who said McHale is sitting around waiting for a donation. He was in court today fighting a publication ban the crown wanted on a case. Marshall adjourned the matter until Dec. 11. McHale is in court tomorrow on a different issue and then 5 days starting next Thursday. He is also in court Dec. 7, 8, 9 for a completely different issue. Since the election he has already being in court 3 times on various issues. Since McHale is self-represented, who do you think prepares all the legal papers for all these court dates?

    The only person that appears to have time to sit around is Donna Pitcher. There are whiners, and then there are doers in life. McHale is a doer while there are those who whine because no one pays attention to the fact they do nothing but whine.

  36. Gary is a poor household provider. I don't understand how his wife can bee seen with him to be quite honest.

    He's a waste of everyone's time and all he does is take advantage of everyone else's problems in order to cash in on their pain. It's blindingly obvious he just doesn't want to take responsibility for himself.

    He's a dangerous individual in my opinion. It's also clear he has a few individuals brainwashed. Why don't they support him with their hard earned money.

    I bet he's already run through their cash and they are sick of it. So they are looking for more victims to finance this neerdowell interloper.

    Didn't his own church give him the boot when he tried to bully his way there also?

    ***"Neerdowell"....... A person who never does, or fares, well; a good for nothing.

  37. To the poster giving us Gary's courtroom itinerary.

    Who cares!

    If he wants to spend every waking moment of his life with his new hobby of wasting people's time, go ahead. But don't expect everyone to finance this idiocy.

    I hate seeing trash on the sides of the road. I think I'll give up paying my bills, quit my job, let my family down and walk the roads 24/7 picking up trash.

    Can I get some money off you all and let you take care of my responsibilities?

    Didn't think so.

    Go get a job Gary. You must be ashamed by now.

  38. To the person that posted MADD's site and their wages; The budget above for MADD has wages at $830,200. Now the trick here is there is a difference between someone being paid a wage and paying income tax on it. Of course for those of us that actually work for a living we pay the taxes and our bills and hope we have something left in the end.

    Is Gary McHale going to do the right thing and collect a "wage" or "paycheck" and pay CPP, EI, Federal and Provincial taxes? I don't think so, this is just a hand out, tax free, and probably coming from people that really need the money themselves.

    Oh and don't forget there is Mark and Jeff who also don't work they also need your money.

    Anyone can give their money to someone else, a loan, a handout, whatever, this would be tax free money to Gary and his bunch!

    I wonder how much of his campaign money he slid in his pocket?

  39. "Since the election he has already being in court 3 times on various issues"

    How many weeks since the election? Three days in court big deal!

    Last I looked there were seven days in a week.

    I wonder when is Gary's court date for his own trial? Oh these are his own trial dates. Gary is being sued for about 7 million dollars and he has a countersuit for that one. Gary will eventually land up with probably a few million in his pocket, will his disapear then, in a New York Minute!

  40. Hi Donna, and welcome to the "Gary McHale doesn't like me because I have an opinion and/or view that he doesn't like so he's going to try and trash my reputation" Club.

    Many good people have been here with that man.

    As far as I'm concerned, you are bang on the money with your post.

    I too believe that Gary needs to get a job and so does his wife.

    With the global economy standing on it's shakiest footing in decades and people who willingly work facing layoffs and cutbacks, there will be a thousand other places that my money goes to support and it won't be CANACE or Gary McHale.

    It should also be noted that Gary McHale does not speak for Caledonia though he erroneously states that the majority of Caledonia voted for him in the last federal election. Not true.

    Here is the breakdown provided on Caledonia WakeUpCall's own website of the voting strategy of Caledonia residents:

    Independant: 1822

    Conservative: 1189

    Liberal: 1668

    NDP: 567

    Green Party: no numbers listed, but people did vote Green

    Christian Heritage Party: again, no numbers listed but people did vote Christian Heritage also

    If we utilize the numbers supplied above it is quite easy to extrapolate the the vast majority of voters in Caledonia, 3424+ of them, voted for someone other than Gary McHale.

    That should be telling everyone something quite significant. Gary McHale speaks for Gary McHale and absolutely no one else.

  41. The writer on Caledonia Wake Up Call has every right to express his passionate plea. Obviously he believes that the community should support McHale with donations. I am sure that some people will.

    While I can see justification for donating money for legal and travel costs for his assistance to the community, I think it is in poor taste to ask for donations for food and rent. As others have said, Gary has made certain choices that have put him in the financial position he is in today. A wiser decision would be to seek employment and volunteer to assist Caledonia on a part time basis. This would earn him more respect and credibility in the community at large and possibly increase his chances of election next time round. The reverse side is that if he doesn't make the effort to support himself, people will have very little sympathy for his financial dilemma and he will lose some of the good reputation he has today. That would be unfortunate, because he has worked very hard to keep Haldimand County in the spotlight.

  42. May I suggest that Gary take a page from his Liberal counter part in the last elction.I am not sure the correct name ie.feed the children maybe .Form a oganization with an board of director say Calidonia citizens and begin No one can do this alone even Martin Luther King had the church behind him for support and fund raising.

  43. These postings seem like a metaphor for the distraction and divisiveness he has bought. Success will always be founded on respectful relations between Native and Non-Native people.

    What has Mr. McHale contributed to that end?

  44. Wow thanks for the comments. You have been busy at it!

    It looks like some of Gary's contacts are not too supportive.

    This was certainly a "hot topic" for a few of us.

  45. Donna, is not every vote against the ruling party a protest vote? Is that not why we have a democracy? While the good citizens of Caledonia and Haldimand County go about their daily business, we continue to complain about lack of leadership, Two Tiered Justice and Native violence, Mr. McHale has taken the gauntlet we have dropped.
    Mr. Mchale has taken on Goliath, for us, and it seems to me that we can provide a few stones for his sling. After all, our society has a history of supporting groups that fight for the underdog. Give yourself a shake, we are the underdog. Some of these groups are worthwhile, many not. As an example, I don't believe is supporting the United Appeal. So I don't. However, I don't write letters of complaint about their campaign. I don't take issue with the salaries of the Director and staff. I simply don't dontate. If you have chosen not to help Caledonia and Haldimand County by supporting Mr. Mchale, then don't. But this is not a moral issue and needs no further discussion. Elizabeth Hutchison

  46. Looking at the voting results, there are 2240 who voted liberal and ndp.
    You are the makers of your own demise.
    It's the liberals who got you into this mess and there are still their supporters living in Caledonia??? You are amazing, folks, truly amazing...
    Life is curious in the areas traditionally voting liberals, look at their bastion Brampton West for example, where the kids at schools are banned from walking on the snow in winter and have to play games during jim where a looser wins.
    Compare that to a traditionally conservative voting Halton, where kids go skating and skiing for jim.

    To make a long story short, there is a person who dedicated all his life to telling the untold about Caledonia and risked everything he had for you - not for him. Do you think he is doing this to get elected? It's quite easy to get elected in Canada, all you need to do is to apply somewhere. If it was hard, folks like Andrew Kania or Coleen Beaumier would have had to find a job using your terminology. Instead Beaumier made a career famous for 'never speaking a word in Parliament'

    Vote liberal or complain of abuse, you can't have both at the same time.


  47. This certainly has been a hot topic for discussion. I am also, with everyone who states "Get a Job".

    I mean lets be real here, no one asked him to do anything he is doing. He has free will to tackle any challenge he chooses. The key word there is "CHOOSES". He choose to make the Caledonia issues his own job. There was no job description, no salary inferred, no benefits.

    Man this guy just wants a free ride in life.

  48. Dear Ms. Hutchison;
    For someone who believes that this issue needs no further discussion you certainly had enough to say! It's nice to see that Mr. McHale has some friends and supporters, everyone needs those. And I'm sure Mr. Mchale is not an altogether bad person. I am also sure of a few other things; for one I don't consider myself an underdog, secondly I don't recall anyone requesting that Mr. Mchale come to Caledonia to get involved, and lastly I think if Mr. McHale has the "stones" to think he deserves donations from the local public to live on, those are the "stones" he should be using to as you stated put in his sling to fight Goliath.

  49. Thanks again for the comments.

    I will maybe have the last say.

    I would like to clarify where I stand as far as supporting Caledonia and Haldimand County. I do so to the best of my ability and there are many many residents out there that do as well.

    For anyone that knows me including Elizabeth Hutchison, I have been at almost every rally, every protest from Caledonia to Hagersville. I support the residents of Haldimand County.

    I have never really blogged directly about the native land claims issue as I have said in the past there are too many sides and I don't have enough facts to make a judgement call on who is right and who is wrong.

    I have never personally put down a resident of Haldimand County nor a Native of six nations.

    I do however call it as I see it.

    In this case that is what I did.

    It had nothing to do with "morals" because if it did, your post would not read as it does.

    If I pissed of a few people, this wouldn't have been the first time! And it probably won't be the last.

    There is a huge difference between someone asking for funds to help out a cause and there are many that do, but this was not the first time Gary McHale or one of his associates have done this in the past couple of years. To ask for money to pay for rent, gas, food etc. isn't "morally right". And that is my personal opinion.

    I will say it again and I am sure that Gary McHale would agree with me 100%;

    Thank God we live in a Country where we have the right to have our Say!