Thursday, November 6, 2008

Haldimand "A Great Place to Live, Work and Play"

The following comment appeared on my blog and I would like to address this if I may.

A question to Donna: Is there anything that is ever a happy event?IMO, you seem to always be looking for what you perceive as wrong?

As I have stated in many of my blogs, the comments that people post are just as important as the articles that I write about. Anyone who wants to have his or her say can do so here! The above comment is a strong one and is a personal opinion of the poster, and I respect that. Regardless this poster does bring up a very good point, and I would like to address the questions.

I started my blog and named it Haldimand’s Unheard Voice for just that reason, I felt and still feel sometimes that I am an Unheard Voice. My blog has always been driven by local politics, and I believe I have done a pretty good job of separating the "Personal from the Business". I have given ample opportunity for you to post your concerns and comments, and I am thankful that we live in a country where we can do just that!

I do pick and choose the issues that concern me and decide what issues I want and have the time to get involved in. Anyone can start and run a blog but you can not do this anonymously. Most people do not choose to be public with their opinions and concerns, and my blog is one avenue for people to have their say!

As a resident of Haldimand County I am proud of many things, but my blog is a political blog, and in saying that, it is just that political. Now in saying this it is no excuse for me to not write something that seems to be on the positive side about Haldimand County. But I will tell you that what I am proud of and thankful for is the good people in this community!

As far as the political end of things here in Haldimand County, in my personal opinion we have not been blessed with many good local honest politicians in the last 10 years. That is not to say that there have not and is not a good politician in Haldimand County. I will just talk about one of those good politicians. Bob Baigeant, former ward 2 Councillor. When my husband and I moved here from Hamilton in 2000 it was just in time for the Municipal election. We had the opportunity to meet Bob when he came knocking on our door. I was very involved in local politics in Hamilton, and I knew from my personal experience that Bob was a good man, and an asset to Haldimand County. We both voted for Bob in that election, and he was a good honest decent politician!

On the most part the issues that I get involved in are not necessarily what I perceive to be wrong, it is the "process" in which our local officials go about their business especially with critical decisions, such as a Nuclear Plant in Nanticoke. Transparency and Accountability don’t seem to be a top priority!

So Let’s talk about local events, well there are so many I couldn't’t even begin to list them all, but I will tell you about a recent event. Station 10 Firefighters and M&M meats hosted a fundraiser last Saturday for a local family that lost their home and barn in a fire. The community has had many events of this kind in support of local residents who have been through hard times. Thanks to the volunteer firefighters and local businesses and residents that have always rallied in support of their neighbours!

Here are just a few of many positives in Haldimand County;

The thousands of volunteers; e.g., coaches, mentors, non profit organizations, firefighters that put their life on the line every time a call comes in, local businesses that give back to the community, residents that are always there in support of their neighbours, one of the 10 best rated hospitals in Ontario, our location, we are surrounded by the Grand River and Lake Erie, we are blessed with many farmers, residents that get involved in local issues, and I could go on and on.

I for one am very proud to be a resident of Haldimand County, and would not choose to live anywhere else!

My passion and others that are passionate about local issues should be proud of their community involvement, where we would be without You?

I choose not to sit on my butt and just bitch to my neighbours about critical issues in Haldimand County. I have made the choice to get involved as many residents do. If that is perceived as a "wrong" then so be it, that is the opinion of some.

"Kudo’s to the Many Residents that get Involved, Your Voices and Passion are what makes Haldimand County a Great Place to live!".


  1. Very good post Donna, and you are correct in your view of Bob Baigeant. I knew him personally and I sure wished we had a few like him on council today. Our Council has lost site of their positions and have swollen heads. They seem to be desperate to bring any business into the county whether it is a good move or not. We need to speak up and in numbers.

  2. Donna doesn't have to look for "what is wrong". "What is wrong" just jumps out and slaps her in the face! All Donna does is comment on it and bring it to the attention of others to try and create positive change and for that we should all be grateful. Thank you Donna!