Saturday, November 15, 2008

Haldimand "We Were Never Asked"

I have been asked by a few people to explain why I am attempting to stop "progress" here in Haldimand County. This is in regards to a petition that I am working on about the Environmental Assessment by Bruce Power for a possible Nuclear Power Plant in Haldimand (Nanticoke).

I want to make myself perfectly clear that my problem is with the process and the path that our Council members have taken on our behalf. And it is just that simple! I am not trying to stop "progress".

I have not decided 100% whether I am in favour of a Nuclear Power Plant in Nanticoke, and I am sure that there are many that feel the same way I do. Each of us will have our own opinions and thoughts on this issue, but what is missing for me personally is I have not had say!

Our elected Council members in Haldimand County have made that decision on our behalf. This was just plain wrong!

I don’t have a problem with council making regular every day decisions on how to run this county, but this decision was way behind their scope of "responsibilities". How much do they really know about Nuclear Power?

So that brings me to a few concerns and questions that if we were involved in the process with our Council maybe we would today have some answers;

Bruce Power has published the economic impact that this would have on the community, and has obviously shared this with our Council members.

Where did this information come from, and what back up documentation is there? Where are the Staff reports from Haldimand County?

The Environmental Assessment Process;

What are all the steps?
What role does the public play in this process?
Does the public get to vote on this?
What role does the County play in this process?
Is the process Fair?

I would like to see all the related information and all Staff Reports that relate to this question. In particular the background information that staff would have provided to our Council members.

Used Fuel and Waste Management;

Does staff and Council have the knowledge and the background related to this issue. Have they "fully" investigated and understand the scope of Waste management at this level? Again all staff reports and Council’s thoughts on this would have been appreciated.

Security and Safety;

Other then the information from Bruce Power, what other documentation and expert consultation has Haldimand County done. Again staff reports to back this up.

Environmental Effects;

Again other then the information provided by Bruce Power what information can staff provide on the effects? Has staff hired and consulted with experts in this field?

Other Alternatives;

What other alternatives were investigated? Meetings and reports from staff in relation to this are also critical. Has Haldimand County requested from the Provincial government funds be spent on the upgrades to the Coal Plant? If so, what response have they received?

I could go on and I am sure that many of you have even more questions.

My problem…We Were Never Asked…..

As I stated earlier this was a decision that Haldimand County Councillors should never have taken on without our input! They have certainly taken enough time in the last two years to speak to Bruce Power, but wouldn't speak to residents as they stated it was premature.

It looks like our Council has put us on a road where there is no turning around. As Councillor Sloat so eloquently put it….."The county will have an opportunity for giving input but will have no "decision making role".

Why on earth would our "elected officials" start a process that they themselves can not vote on or have a final say?

Is this "Responsible Government?"

There were many simple ways that Haldimand County Council could have engaged the community, but they once again decided that our "Voices" did not need to be heard!

Now maybe if we had been involved in the process from the beginning, and we took part in the decision to say, "We Are A Willing Host" I would feel differently today!


  1. Why does council state that its voting public should not have a decision role in such a huge and controversial issue as nuclear power? It seems there would be more to gain then lose. Or, is there something else within this whole controversy that they feel we should not know about at this time?

  2. Yes, there is something Bruce Power doesn't want you to know and that is that NO private company in the U.S. is prepared to pay the costs to insure their nuclear plant against a possible "accident". And no U.S. government is willing to pay the insurance on their behalf.

    Here in Canada, we, the taxpayers are paying through our Federal and/or Provincial taxes to insure nuclear plants above a minimal ~$13M against accidents. We have also paid for all the costs for building which have gone over the estimated original costs. We are still paying for the plant at Darlington which may be abandoned before we have finished paying for it!

  3. After doing some research it appears the canadian technology for nuclear energy is the safest in the entire world.The candu reactor Having said that i hope council goes through with this to bring good paying jobs to haldimand norfolk to replace the jobs are government has allowed to slip away.According to your voting poll no one in haldimand is for a nuclear facility so it's up to council to make the right decision without the public's negative reaction's.This will ensure haldimand to have more economic stability no carbon footprint, and make it a great place to live and work for us and our future generations.

  4. So why didn't Haldimand County council ask the residents what they thought of the nuclear option?

    There can only be one answer. They don't care what we think!

    What will they think when there are thousands of residents of Haldimand county that do not agree with their course of action.

    Bruce Power has a bit of a fight on their hands and Haldimand County Councillors are to blame!

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    I am not sure as to why council did not involve the public.

    When the petition is released in a few days, we may have some answers from council.

    I am sure a reporter or two will be asking that question to both Haldimand and Norfolk councils.

    I just hope they don't say something like, well the EA process will give the residents the opportunity to speak. That kind of answer will not fly with the public!

  6. To the poster who feels Candu is the way to go and safe... Gordon Edwards nuclear website is gathered informative data, just that. I've found it useful and important.

    Another link from his website tends to beg a question or two...

    Here are two reports from a retired scientist, Dr, F. R. Greening Ph. D. who devoted his career to Candu reactors. Read the two reports, then consider there may be some possibility of risk with Candu.

  7. Responsible, intelligent consumers when considering buying a home usually have it inspected by an independent home inspector as well as seeking input from family and friends before making a purchase. Responsible, intelligent consumers, when in the market for a new car read independent test reports as well as seeking input from friends, family and if they have one their regular mechanic, as well as individuals who already own a similar vehicle before making a purchase. Responsible, intelligent consumers, when thinking about relocating to a new geographical area, the reason usually being for better employment opportunities, generally do a lot of research into many others facets of life in the new location as well as having lengthy conversations with their families and friends before making a decision to move. Our council members do not appear to be behaving as responsible, intelligent consumers in this case.

    As far as canadian technology for nuclear energy being the safest in the world, it may very well be but remember, NASA has the world's greatest track record for space flight but a few astronauts sadly have died along the way. Accidents can and do happen, shouldn't we have some say in whether or not we want to take that chance?

  8. We need to do a full study on costs, risks, etc of all possible energy sources. Then we decide which is best for Haldimand. I agree with the comments re responsible intelligent consumers. No consumer would buy a car based on the comments of the salesperson. Why are we doing this with a far more dangerous nuclear plant? By the time this plant is up and running, it will either be so out of date, or so expensive and we will have run out of uranium that the whole thing will be a joke!!

  9. I have a suggestion. During the open houses we can ask Bruce Power how this all came about. They will tell us the truth.