Saturday, November 22, 2008

Haldimand "It is Up to You to Get Involved and Have your Say"

Bruce Power will be appearing as a delegation at the Council in Committee meeting Monday November 24th at 1:00pm. They will also be in Norfolk on Tuesday November 25th. My understanding is that Bruce Power will update council on some open houses that will take place the first week of December.

I went onto the Bruce Power website (I have a link to the left under Nuclear) to get the information and post it here, but I had problems downloading the file. There is a section that is dedicated to Haldimand/Norfolk.

Bruce Power has one section that is called "your voice counts", you can send them any questions or comments that you have. Please visit their site often. It is up to you to stay informed and be involved!

I was trying to find a news release by Bruce Power in regards to the EA. It seems that from the article below the EA process has officially started, but I could not confirm this.

Thanks to one of my posters here is a link to the following information from Bruce Power;

Haldimand County :
Month One of Energy Assessment Down - Much More To Come Says Bruce Power

As the first month of Bruce Power's energy assessment is coming to an end, an EA Public Participation Coordinator says there's much more to come.

Peter Brown says so far the assessment has started a process to understanding the community and environment, marrying the technology of nuclear with the environment and determining if its feasible .

He says that already one advantage of the Nanticoke site is transmission and exploring possibilities.

He also says that Bruce wants to enable the community to understand the process and to make up their own mind about nuclear in Haldimand-Norfolk.

The group will be hosting several open houses and community information sessions from 3-8pm:

December 1 - Port Dover Lions Community Centre

December 2 - Jarvis Community Centre

December 3 - Simcoe Recreation Centre

December 4 - Cayuga Kinsmen Community Centre

Please attend at least one of the open houses, it is up to all of us to be involved in the process!


  1. Why is Bruce Power not having an open house in Dunnville? Jarvis is at the extreme west of the county and Cayuga is about in the middle. Dunnville would have better served anyone from that area and to the east.

  2. To the blogger above: please read Comments on Donna's previous blog and enlist everyone you know to telephone and write BP and all the agencies from the Canadian Nuclear Security Commission, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Association and all the other Responsible Agencies [RA's] as you learn of them.
    ALSO, write to every newspaper in your county to alert all the people who don't know about this yet.
    Grand Erie Energy Quest for Nanticoke also has a petition which you can down load, circulate in your neighbourhood and return to Jim Elve to be sent on to the various governmental bodies listed.

  3. Thanks for your comments.

    I hope that each of these open houses are standing room only!

    I am planning to go to at least two of them. One in Norfolk and one in Haldimand.

  4. Everyone needs to go to one of these open houses. It is not the time to let someone else speak for you! This issue is huge! I for one am in favour of a Nuclear Plant here and I am looking for a group of people out there that feel the same way. Donna do you know of any group forming that is in favour? I would like to get involved this way. I know in Bruce County there is a group that supports the Nuclear industry there, and we need to support it here.

  5. Is this just an open house or are they making a presentation? These open houses start at 3:00 in the afternoon when most of us are working or getting ready to pick the kids ups from school.

    Sent: November 20, 2008 11:15 AM
    Subject: FW: Bruce Power Delegation
    Importance: Low

    The CAO authorized Bruce Powers attendance at Council in Committee for an update as we want to make sure the public is informed at every stage of the process. The CAO has advised Bruce Power that they are only allowed to update council and that this is not the time or the place to give a presentation pro or con Nuclear

    The presentation is to update the county as to what stage their process is at, give dates and times of open houses and public presentations, to outline their plan for public consultation and information sessions, etc, etc

    As we are televised this will be another way to help keep the public informed.

    Marie Trainer


  7. Since when does the CAO of Haldimand County authorize a delegation to council? Should Janet Fraser submit her request to the CAO? Have the rules changed? This county needs to be cleaned up.