Thursday, November 20, 2008

Haldimand "Haldimand County News Release Welcomes EA"

A little late getting this one posted, but I just found this news release on the Haldimand County Website. I don't recall this being in any of our local newspapers.

For Immediate Release
Dated: October 31, 2008

Haldimand County Council welcomes the announcement from Bruce Power of its intention to commence the initiation of an Environmental Assessment (EA) in support of its proposal to establish a nuclear generation station within the Lake Erie Industrial Park near Nanticoke. This proposal complements existing generation in this area and with other proposed generation facilities takes advantage of significant transmission capability.

Mayor Marie Trainer indicated that, in 2007, Haldimand County Council passed resolutions supporting the initiation of an environmental assessment. The public consultation process will apprise the public of all the issues associated with a nuclear power facility and to determine the willingness of the community to host such a facility.

“Council unanimously supports the initiation of the environmental assessment process and the extensive community and stakeholder engagement requirements that is associated with this step. Many opportunities will be provided over the nearly three years it will take to complete it so our citizens and businesses can provide their input” she said.

The Environmental Assessment process is a planning decision making process that will allow a complete and comprehensive assessment of the proposal through the requirement of rigorous supporting studies and the open and full engagement of all stakeholders.

Should this project proceed to construction, information provided by Bruce Power and independent research conducted by the County indicates that a nuclear generation facility would provide significant economic benefit to the County economy. The project has the potential to create a thousand long term stable jobs, significant construction employment and new assessment.

Haldimand County, through its Official Plan, has designated and protected a significant amount of land for large scale industrial and employment uses near Nanticoke. The County is interested to learn that this proposal envisions the nuclear generating facility as being part of a larger clean energy hub for the Province by partnering with other organizations to develop hydrogen, solar and wind generation. As a result the ‘Lake Erie Industrial Park’ has significant potential to help meet the electricity needs of the Province for the coming decades.

Haldimand County is excited about today’s announcement and is committed to ensuring that the community is kept informed and involved throughout this process and has established a special purpose committee to assist in this regard.

Further information please contact: Councillor Buck Sloat – Chair – Nanticoke Area Power Generation Committee (905) 961-3270 Don Boyle – CAO Haldimand County – (905) 318-5932


  1. I just did a Google search (news, web, blogs) for the exact phrase:
    "Haldimand County Council welcomes the announcement from Bruce Power of its intention to commence".

    When phrases are searched in quotes, Google searches only for the exact phrase.

    The Google search search returned only one result: this blog.

    I wonder if the county even distributed the press release other than posting it on their website. It's been my experience that press releases need to be sent out to media outlets in order to get any attention. The mainstream media (MSM) is not as diligent about combing through municipal council websites looking for news as you are, Donna. Good work!

    It would seem that if this press release was published, it wasn't in any MSM publication that has an online component. That said, the Dunnville Chronicle's website is pathetic compared even to the Simcoe Reformer. When I looked at the Chronicle site yesterday, the newest article was 6 days old.

    Jim Elve

  2. How unique of our county to do an inside news release. They couldn't have even posted in thei little weekly box in the three local papers? Boy they certainly don't want us to know. I don't go on their website, and frankly I as a resident shouldn't have to go searching for news from our county that is this important!


  3. "This proposal complements existing generation in this area"

    What existing generation would that be?

  4. Haldimand County is excited about today’s announcement and is committed to ensuring that the community is kept informed and involved throughout this process and has established a special purpose committee to assist in this regard.


  5. Weren't we told of this special purpose committee a while back?

    A while back? Isn't that like knowing something we don't?

    Or was that the new communications office?

    Anyway, how much was/is this going to cost us again/now?

  6. Below is a News release on the Simcoe Radio Station website:

    I see Haldimand is getting their fare share of input on their project once again.


    Haldimand County : Month One of Energy Assessment Down - Much More To Come Says Bruce Power

    Posted by Ashley DeGroote

    As the first month of Bruce Power's energy assessment is coming to an end, an EA Public Participation Coordinator says there's much more to come. Peter Brown says so far the assessment has started a process to understanding the community and environment, marrying the technology of nuclear with the environment and determining if its feasible . He says that already one advantage of the Nanticoke site is transmission and exploring possibilities. He also says that Bruce wants to enable the community to understand the process and to make up their own mind about nuclear in Haldimand-Norfolk.

    The group will be hosting several open houses and community information sessions from 3-8pm:

    December 1 - Port Dover Lions Community Centre
    December 2 - Jarvis Community Centre
    December 3 - Simcoe Recreation Centre
    December 4 - Cayuga Kinsmen Community Centre

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments. As I was posting this I see someone has posted some open houses for the Haldimand/Norfolk area. Thanks!

    As far as the committee for this venture I thought the committee was called; "The Haldimand Special Committee into Energy evelopment", now Haldimand is calling the committee; "Nanticoke Area Power Generation Committee."

    Maybe there are two committees or the name of the committee was changed.

    Regardless I called Mayor Trainer last week and asked her about the committee that was formed, I said I couldn't find anything on the Haldimand County website in the way of minutes (from the committee that was formed a year or so ago)and she said that they really havn't had any meetings.

    So your guess is as good as mine!