Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Haldimand "Something Seems Wrong with This One"

Let's take a step back in time to February of 2007, this is when the problem seems to have started for Haldimand County Council. The problem I am referring to is that some residents feel they were shut out of a very important decision that council made on their behalf.

Haldimand County council took a vote in regards to sending a letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty asking for his endorsement of a "proposed nuclear" plant in Nanticoke. The vote was 4-3 in "favour" of sending this letter. The problem I see is that Councillor Delmonte "voted" on this, and in fact voted in "favour".

Councillor Delmonte works for US steel (formerly known as Stelco) and in the past when any issue came up at council regarding US steel, Delmonte "always" proclaimed a "Conflict of Interest" and therefore refrained from influencing or voting on any issues in relation to US Steel no matter how small! One particular issue was the "proposed ferry" across Lake Erie. This was a venture that involved US steel and Delmonte refrained from voting.

This is what I found on the Haldimand County website;

1) PED-GM-01-2007 Re; Nuclear Power Plant

a) Frank Harrison PHD Corporate Manager-Environment & Engineering, Stelco Inc, regarding potential use of Stelco Inc. lands for the location of a Nuclear Power Facility.

Recommendation #19
Moved by Councillor Boyko
Seconded by Councillor Ricker

1) That report PED-GM-01-2007 Re Nuclear Power Plant dated November 29th, 2006 be received.

Carried (Unanimously) 7-0

Recommendation 20 (tabled motion)
Moved by Councillor Boyko
Seconded by Councillor Grice

That the Ministry of Energy be advised that Haldimand County is interested in looking at alternative energy generation options, including Nuclear within Haldimand County.

And that this position be conveyed to the Minister during meetings at the ROMA Conference in February.

Carried (Unanimously) 7-0

Now in this case Delmonte has been "fully engaged" on the issue, even though Bruce Power is working with US Steel in a possible land deal. As far as I know this is the first time that he has not proclaimed a "Conflict of Interest" when it comes to US Steel.

The reason why the three council members voted "against" this letter of endorsement was the lack of public input! So what would have happened if Delmonte had taken his usual stand? Well that answer is pretty simple, the letter would not have been sent until the "public" was notified!

Now this brings to an interesting thing that Mayor Trainer told me on the phone the other day. She stated that Councillor Delmonte was now going to proclaim a "Conflict" in regards to this whole Nuclear issue. I said Pardon me? to Mayor Trainer, and she repeated her statement! I said isn't he too late to back out now? He has already voted and been fully involved in the whole process.

I personally see this as a very serious problem. Now I don't know what Delmonte does for US Steel, but I do know that he has always refrained from voting on any issues regarding US Steel.

What Delmonte has done according to Mayor Trainer makes no sense to me. Delmonte votes, seconds, is fully involved in the process and now he is going to refrain and back down? This cannot be legal even for a Council member!


  1. Donna you are treading on thin ice.

  2. Why is Anonymous FEAR MONGERING in the blog above? Are you being threatened with legal action for libel or/and slander? I think you are probably very well versed on these legal issues since you have been a journalist as long as you have. But do you have the resources to call for legal action on this issue?
    There are many readers/supporters of your paper who would support you if you go ahead. Let's hear it for Donna.

  3. Quite the statement! "Donna you are treading on thin ice."

    YOU BET DONNA, go for it, all you are doing is pointing out the facts.

    Let's see where this goes.


  4. Thanks for the comments and the compliment!

    I have no idea why someone would think I am treading on thin ice, I call it as I see it. It is obvious whoever wrote that didn't like what I had to say.

    There is something wrong when council members seem to be following their own rules, or rather not following the rules.

    We are trusting them to do the right thing!

  5. I don't live in Haldimand County, but it sure looks like you have more problems then just fighting a nuclear plant. Hamilton council would never take this route, so what would your council's reason behind not informing their taxpayers be?

  6. Councilor Delmonte should know better. As far as the person that said you are treading on thin ice Donna, I think it is Counilor Delmonte that is treading on thin ice. He should be called up on his actions and his motives. Why now has he changed his stand with Stelco, does he not work there anymore?