Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Haldimand "Federal Election 2008 Carbon Tax Double Talk"

Here are two questions that should be asked of Eric Hoskins Federal Liberal candidate for Haldimand/Norfolk.

If the Liberals win the Federal Election and Premier Dalton McGuinty implements a "Carbon Tax" in Ontario, will Ontarians get a "Special Deal" on the "Green Shift Plan Tax"?

If the Liberals win the Federal Election, will "Oil Refineries" be "Exempt" from the Green Shift Plan Tax? If Yes, Why?

It seams that Dion has made a special side deal with BC regarding that Provinces carbon tax and that the Liberals would not "Double Tax" BC with the "Green Shift Plan Tax". Although Dion has all but denied that this conversation even occurred. Who would you believe?

I for one do not agree with Dion's "Green Shift Plan". One simple reason, I don't see this plan as helping the environment. I see it as a tax grab, and the plan is not consistent.

More Dion double-talk on the carbon tax
September 14, 2008

It seems that every day Stéphane Dion is changing the details of his half-baked carbon tax plan.
One day he claims his carbon tax is "revenue neutral", the next day he is promising $900 million in new carbon tax spending.

One day he is claiming his carbon tax will be consistent across the board – the next he is refusing to contradict his candidates who claim that oil refineries will be exempted from his carbon tax plan.

But perhaps the greatest of Dion’s many carbon tax flip-flops deals with his position on the carbon tax currently paid by the people of BC.

The Premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell claims that Stéphane Dion offered his province a special side deal on the carbon tax.

"Mr. Dion actually called me and said there will not be a double taxation." - Gordon Campbell,

(CTV’s Question Period, July 6, 2008)

Yet only weeks later Stéphane Dion was denying that he made any such offer to the BC Premier.

"No, we didn't speak about side deals." -- Stéphane Dion (CTV’s Question Period, July 27, 2008) And only yesterday, in the midst of an election campaign, Dion flip-flopped again saying while he might cut a BC carbon tax side-deal, it is just as likely he may not.

"We need to figure out how we may do it in a way that may work with what your courageous premier has done in starting a green shift here in B.C." -- Stéphane Dion (Times-Colonist, September 13, 2008)

Courageous? Stéphane Dion has basically accused the Premier of BC of intentionally misleading British Columbians. Of course the only other option is for Mr. Dion to admit that he has been misleading Canadians himself.


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