Friday, September 26, 2008

Haldimand "Federal Election 2008 The Batteries Just Fell Out of the Remote"

Here are a few releases from the NDP website. I couldn't find any news releases from the Haldimand/Norfolk Candidate.

"If this platform was to be a Liberal channel changer, the batteries just fell out of the remote"

TORONTO – New Democrat MP Peggy Nash (Parkdale-High Park) today blasted Stéphane Dion’s platform as being out of touch with today’s hard-working families.

"Mr. Dion wants to keep in place every penny of Stephen Harper’s corporate tax giveaway and even cut deeper" said Nash. "It’s not credible to cut corporate taxes deeper than Stephen Harper and still keep commitments to new spending."

"Despite releasing his platform, Mr. Dion still doesn’t have targets to reduce greenhouse gases, still has no plan to train more doctors and still doesn’t have a plan to stop the gouging of average consumers.

"If this platform was supposed to be the channel changer for Stéphane Dion, it looks like the batteries just fell out of his remote," said Nash.

Harper’s team supported BC carbon tax

KAMLOOPS – New Democrat Leader Jack Layton blasted the carbon tax schemes of both B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell and Stéphane Dion today, calling them "unfair for ordinary working families." He also accused the Harper government of flip-flopping on the British Columbia carbon tax.

"Campbell slapped on his carbon tax and hurt families here in B.C. Bay Street Harper let it happen. He says he’s against it now, but his Bay Street Ministers sing a different tune. They said that carbon tax was just fine," added Layton.

"We’ve got a better climate change plan," said the New Democrat leader, pointing out that his party’s plan "targets the big polluters" and "creates incentives to radically reduce carbon production."

Layton said that Liberal leader Stéphane Dion "wants to triple Campbell’s carbon tax. As Prime Minister, I’ll make sure a federal carbon tax never sees the light of day."

Layton also attacked Harper’s inaction on rising gas prices. Layton said that as Prime Minister, he would "stop the big oil giants from gouging you at the gas pump."

Layton’s New Democrats will:

Create an investigation and prosecution office to deal with gas gouging.

Investigate consumer complaints, collusion and gouging by gas companies.

Prosecute and fine offenders where there is clear evidence of price gouging or collusion.

Layton also released a detailed consumer protection plan. The plan calls for appointing a Minister for Consumer Protection, among other practical steps to protect consumers.

"Unlike the outgoing Prime Minister, Mr. Harper, we’ll stop the rip-offs and watch your back."

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