Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Haldimand "Your Local Candidates for the Federal Election 2008"

The following is the information that I have found so far on the candidates for Haldimand/Norfolk. In no particular order!

Haldimand-Norfolk Federal Green Party Association

Local Green Candidate Resigns, Three Prospective Candidates Step Up

Simcoe, September 8, 2008 – Prime Minister Stephen Harper handed in his resignation to the Governor General of Canada on September 7th, and, as a result, an election will now take place this coming October 14th. By doing so, the Prime Minister chose to not follow his own fixed election legislation, calling for elections every four years.

Democracy works best when parties deliver what they promise at the campaign time. Because of the timing of this announcement, our Green Party candidate Frank Nightingale, due to previous commitments to both his family and his business, has unfortunately been forced to resign his candidacy. Rest assured, he will continue to seek support for agriculture in the Haldimand Norfolk area by following up on promises made during the upcoming campaign.

Since there already is a well established Green Party Association in Haldimand Norfolk, three other persons have expressed an interest in running as a federal candidate in this riding. A nomination meeting to select the candidate will therefore take place September 12th at 7:00 pm at the Waterford Old Town Hall.

Gary McHale Announces Candidacy as Independent for Haldimand-Norfolk
Sept. 3, 2008

This notice is my official announcement to run as an Independent Candidate in the riding of Haldimand-Norfolk in the current Federal Election.

It has become clear to people throughout Canada that there is a serious lack of accountable leadership in Ottawa and a complete failure by elected officials to be the Voice of average Canadians. True Leadership requires a passion for the issues faced by average people and the need for Leaders to Stand with the people.

There are serious issues faced by families within Haldimand-Norfolk and they need someone who will Stand with them to see these issues addressed. The established political parties will not allow individual MPs to take a stand, to be a voice or to directly aid people as they struggle. For far too long, MPs have promised to be a voice while seeking votes then become silent while people suffer at the hands of failed Government policies.

Across Haldimand-Norfolk farmers face difficulties, families struggle with the shortage of Doctors, the problems of Coal Fired Power at Nanticoke and the possibility of a Nuclear Power Plant being built in the riding, the need for Economic Development throughout the region, the absolute necessity of Property rights and the restoration of Law & Order are all issues that need a Strong Passionate Leader.

People need someone who will Stand side by side with them as these issues are addressed. As an Independent in Ottawa I will not be silenced, I will not give up and I will not abandon those in the riding. With me you will get the honest truth, the passion to represent you openly and the courage to Stand with the People. You will get a true Leader who will not be intimidated nor bow to political games.

On Election Day you have an option. You can vote for the establish political party member who you will never see again for another four years or you can vote for the person who has demonstrated the willingness to Stand side by side with the People this week and the next until the system is changed and the Government addresses the needs of the average person. In a democracy it is the people who should dictate policy to the Government and not Politicians dictating Government policies to the people.

Over the next six weeks I hope to earn your respect and your vote. It is an honour to run as an Independent Candidate to represent the people of Haldimand-Norfolk.
Gary McHale
N.B.: Once Prime Minister Harper has officially called the election the appropriate paperwork will be filed with Elections Canada for my candidacy as an Independent Candidate.

Dear Friends

I have spent the last twenty years giving a voice to people, families and communities facing challenges, helping them take hold of opportunities and grow strong. I want to be your voice in Ottawa, representing your priorities. I want to stand up for you.

It is time to change the way we do politics. We need a bold, courageous vision for the future of our country, one that rises above party politics and speaks to all Canadians. We need leadership in Haldimand-Norfolk that works for all citizens, finding common ground and seizing every opportunity for advancement.As your Member of Parliament, I will find solutions to our pressing challenges including health care, jobs, the impasse in Caledonia, agriculture, tobacco, infrastructure and the growing cost of living. The future of Haldimand-Norfolk and that of our country depends on us working together to find innovative ways to safeguard, sustain and advance our families, our communities and our economy. This means putting community before politics.

I would be proud to be your representative in Parliament. Sincerely,
Eric Hoskins

A Welcome Message From Diane Finley
September 06, 2008

As a proud Canadian, I’m running as the Conservative candidate for the riding of Haldimand--Norfolk. I owe it to this great nation, which has given so much to my family and myself, to contribute and continue to make Canada the best nation in the world to live, work and raise a family in.

The community of Haldimand--Norfolk needs a leader and a representative in Ottawa who can and will deliver results for all of us, whether it’s keeping this community safe for our kids, lowering taxes for families or keeping the government accountable to the people who elect it.

I believe it’s my civic duty to be active and involved in the political process to ensure continued transparency, accountability, honour and integrity within the system.

But, in order to make this vision become a reality, you need to start right here by electing me as your Conservative MP for the riding of Haldimand--Norfolk.

No information or Candidate for the NDP Party in Haldimand/Norfolk. I wonder for those that support the NDP, what will you do?


  1. Let the fun begin...

  2. So Gary McHale has found a legal loophole to allow him to enter areas of Haldimand where his presence has been banned. Anybody familiar with the name David Duke?

  3. This election could get quite interesting here in Haldimand.

    With an independent in the mix, it will be interesting to see if Gary McHale is invited to the candidates debates!

  4. Not only if he is invited but if he is allowed to stay in the room at all if he disrupts the debate.
    He says he plans to do most of his campaigning at local Tim Horton outlets.

    Ummm, I don't think Timmies will allow that.

    Already he is taking liberties.

    He's no doubt going to try to make this election in Haldimand all about those "big, bad Indians".

    Watch for it.

    And by the way, he's already applied to the court to have his court arrest release conditions lifted. I'm not sure they will even entertain the application until he can prove he's on the ballot and cleared the requirements of the Returming Officer who needs to sign off on McGale's nomination papers.

    I wonder who he will try to intimidate or sue if he doesn't get his way.

    I see that Toby Barrett disclosed last week that McHale has been trying to intimidate him and especially on a letter last February. Toby mentioned the word blackmail.

    Anyone actually surprised?

  5. I for one will not vote for Diane Finley ever again.
    I imagine she will get in again however unless she loses votes to McHale. I would say Norfolk will carry the PC vote and Diane will get in.

  6. Finley's husband is Harper's right hand man so if I was McHale I'd tread very carefully because I'm sure they will be watching him very carefully for Election Act infractions and libel/slander.

    Someone above mentioned they wonder if he gets invited to any debates. That's right! He isn't automatically invited.

    Nobody in their right mind would invite him.

    I predict that Merlyn tries to set up a debate and won't let the other candidates know what they are walking in to.

    My advice to all the candidates is to be very, very careful who they speak to on the phone, in e-mails and on the street. Gary and his incorporated group of idiots have a habit of taping conversations. And for sure, don't agree to any all candidates debates unless it's being organized by a truly credible organization such as the Chamber of Commerce etc.

    Be Smart!

  7. I for one believe in democracy. As much as I do not support the past actions and message of Mr. McHale he most certainly is within his right to run for office provided he meets the requirements as set out by Elections Canada.

    Any one of us has that same right.

    Should Mr. McHale find his way to having his name on the ballot as an Independant his work is only beginning.

    I will be watching closely for all information, platforms and positions on the MANY and VARIED issues that surround Haldimand-Norfolk. Clearly this riding is not a one pony show.

    To each candidate wishes for good luck. I predict that Finley will split the far right conservative vote with McHale (should he make the ballot), that the Green Party and NDP get more votes in this riding then they ever have previously and that Hoskins and the Liberals slide up the middle of the split to win the election.

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments and predictions.

    This should be an interesting race.

  9. I predict Finley will win. Harper will get a majority government, and Gary McHale will be on medication after this election. Oh wait maybe he will start a round of law suits to the people that promised they would vote for him. I am sure that he is thinking he will get the 20,000 some odd votes that will make him and MP. When he gets 750 votes he will be in a toatl depression. Oh well that is politics.

  10. Finley??? I'm going to help her as much as she helped me. She deserves nothing but that from me. If I was a praying man I would fall on my knees to ask that she not get in....my God!!!
    ....and those eyes....