Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Haldimand "A Voters Point of View" "Somehow it All Seems Absurd"

One of the joys of blogging are reading the comments that people make on the issues that you post. I am very fortunate that as a blogger I have always received many comments from people that are interested and care about the issues of the day. For others that do not post a comment, I hope that I am giving you the information that will help you make an educated decision on the issues of the day.

As we are heading into a "Federal Election", I am sure that many are saying "I am just not going to vote this time because I really don't think that I make a difference in the big picture"!

I will be the first person to say we all need to "Exercise our Right" to vote! And it is our "Duty" and our "Responsibility" to do just that! Vote!

One of the comments that was posted on a blog that I recently wrote about the "Green Shift Plan" says it all! This comment was so down to earth and so well said that I am posting it as a blog.

Thank You again for your comment!

This following comment should be read by "ALL LEADERS" and "ALL CANDIDATES" running in the Federal Election. It is time for the Government to "Listen to the People"!

I’m sixty years young, I’m self employed, and I bring in $25,000.00 year (well into the poverty range). I work hard and am very proud of what I do.

My 3 children are post secondary, in college, and working their way through, (cause there is no money here for them).

As a family, we don’t ask for anything from government, wishing Government would grant us the same.

Therefore we must vote!

Regardless of how inept government is, or is not perceived to be. The generations before that fought for our freedoms that we enjoy today deserve that much. So, vote for the party that, will not through taxation, lower education, health, energy and infrastructure costs, for all Canadians.

Creative competition, ingenuity, tight accounting, sacrifice and hard work can bring down the above mentioned costs. Creating bigger government will only dig a hole so deep, there will be no incentive left in individuals or industry to crawl back out and be productive.

Should government be held responsible for the well being of all Canadian families?

Where should this responsibility really fall?

How much more money can a bigger government take from the Canadian family?

How much money will Canadian’s be able to lay away for their family’s future if taxation rates continue to rise?

Again, where should this responsibility really fall?

So as it is, the Government, who are of the people, blindly pay the Government to look after the same people, thus creating the largest bloated employer in the country.

Somehow it all seems absurd!


  1. Donna thank you for this post. What a wonderful response from one of your readers. I will say that I think that most people feel the same way that this person feels.

    I agree with everything that they said. Vote.