Saturday, September 13, 2008

Haldimand "Federal Election 2008 Greens Pick Candidate for Haldimand/Norfolk"

Haldimand-Norfolk Federal Green Party Association

H-N Greens Pick Candidate

Waterford, September 12, 2008 – The Haldimand-Norfolk Green Party Association has nominated Stephana Johnston, a retired teacher, to carry the Green banner in the October 14th federal election. A teacher for 38 years, Ms. Johnston is a resident of Clear Creek.

She is a lifelong campaigner for environmental, social and democratic causes. In 2007, Johnston worked with Fair Vote Canada on the provincial referendum regarding electoral reform. She is a member of the Norfolk Field Naturalists, Norfolk Woodlot Owners Association and the Long Point Causeway Improvement Project Steering Committee.

"I’m honoured, flattered and humbled to be asked to run," said Ms. Johnston in accepting the nomination. "I’m prepared to work 16 hours a day until the end of the campaign. I’ll work as hard as I can to get the Green Party message out"

The nomination was made following a vote at a meeting at the Waterford Old Town Hall Friday evening. Johnston was successful in a two-way race against Trent University student Kathleen Ryan. Miss Ryan wished Johnston well and expressed her hopes for an increased vote count for the Greens.

With the inclusion of Green party leader Elizabeth May in the televised debates, local Green Party members are expecting voters to take a close look at Green policies and the 2008 platform. "Interested voters should visit the party’s main website at or the local riding association’s site at," suggests Johnston’s campaign manager Jim Elve. Elve noted that requests are coming in for lawn signs and that signs are due to arrive from the party’s Ottawa headquarters within the next few days.

Stephana Johnston

Stephana Johnston: Candidate for Haldimand-Norfolk Federal Green Party


38 years of teaching - elementary to university level, both English speakers and non-English

Recording Secretary for Canadian Federation of University Women - Norfolk [CFUW]

Chair of Expanding Your Horizons in Math and Science for grade 9 and 10 girls

Founder and Director of Ontario Invitational High School Girls' Gymnastic Meets - 5 years

Director of Waterfront - Ontario Athletic Leadership Campaign

Trustee Candidate for Etobicoke Board of Education election

Chair of Education Committee of Ontario Federation of Home & School Associations

Vice-President and Treasurer - Halton Home and School Council

Recent Activities:

Served 3 year term on the H-N Community Care Access Centre Board of Directors

Member of Fair Vote Canada

Member of the Fair Vote Ontario Council

Builder/owner of energy-efficient, low maintenance home - 1628 Lakeshore Rd. in Norfolk

Member of the Norfolk Field Naturalists

Member of the Norfolk Woodlot Owners Association

Member of the Long Point Causeway Improvement Project Steering Committee

Presented a resolution to Norfolk Council to promote Ontario Citizens' Assembly, recommendation on Electoral Reform

co-ordinated Town Hall meetings in Dunnville, Jarvis. Simcoe and Pt Rowan regarding, Electoral Reform Referendum in 2007

Teaching Experience:

20 years at the City Adult Learning Centre - Toronto Board of Education

4 years in Etobicoke, 7 in Scarborough, 2 in Aurora, 4 in Windsor

Education:M.Ed. - O.I.S.E., Ontario PrincipaI's Certificate, Guidance Specialist, B.A. [Hons.Geog] U of T, B.P.H.E. - U ofT

© 2008 Haldimand Norfolk Federal Green Party Association


  1. Looks like it did not take the green party too long to get a new candidate once Frank Nightingale bailed.