Friday, September 26, 2008

Haldimand "Federal Election 2008 Dare to Believe"

The following is a full page ad that appeared in the Regional News this Week. Gary McHale is the Independent Candidate running for Haldimand/Norfolk;

Dare to Believe that in a democracy average people can take back control of their future from the hands of governments that have run amok due to party politics. Dare to Believe that this election enables you, the voter, to say ‘Enough is enough!’

Dare to Believe that average people, determined to demand more from government, can change the system. You deserve better and do not have to settle for the status quo. One voice, one vote, one riding can challenge the dictatorial style of party politics which force MPs to represent their party and not their riding.

The Benefits of an Independent

Many will say that an Independent has no real influence in Ottawa. People are discouraged because few MPs will truly stand for their riding instead of their party. In 2005 Chuck Cadman, an independent, cast the deciding vote that stopped a non-confidence motion. Back in the 1990s it was a single vote from Elijah Harper that ended the Meech Lake Accord.

Being a Member of Parliament is a noble position, yet few Canadians use the word ‘noble’ and ‘politician’ in the same sentence. As an MP you are, in reality, an advocate for the people - a voice for those who cannot speak out.

In a democracy it is the people who dictate policies to the government and not Members of Parliament who dictate government policies to the people.

My vision of an MP is one that fights for and speaks out on behalf of others, not the party. As an Independent I will not have two masters but one: you, the voter of Haldimand-Norfolk, who dictates the terms and length of my employment. I will be accountable to you, and you deserve to see results.

In Ottawa who will speak out for you? Individual MPs are allotted time to question the government but this time is normally taken and controlled by party leaders. As an Independent I will speak directly to the issues of Haldimand-Norfolk without first getting party approval.

An MP's job is more than asking questions in the House of Commons. It is going into corporate offices and helping promote the riding to try to bring jobs to the area. It is using the resources of one's position to improve the lives of others. It is writing letters that open doors to address the concerns of a constituent. It is standing side-by-side with people as they struggle with issues.

A true leader doesn't avoid controversial issues but learns how to help people channel their frustrations in positive ways and stands with them until they are addressed.

It is the people who are the last line of defence against injustices and failed policies of governments. We, as Canadians, take it for granted that our freedoms and democracy are ensured simply because we're Canadians. The residents of Haldimand-Norfolk know only too well this is not true.

Media vs. Question Period

Although Question Period is a vital tool in Parliament, the real tool to bring about change is the Media. Question Period can be used to alert media to issues faced by the people. I have consistently demonstrated my ability to get media attention and use it to expose injustice and apply real pressure to government.

I cannot be Intimidated

I will actively fight for the people of Haldimand-Norfolk. I cannot be silenced. I will not give up. Your voice WILL be heard through me that the people have said, ENOUGH!

The Issues

Normally key issues would be taxation, gas prices, health care and jobs, all requiring strong leadership.

There will be no jobs or economic recovery however, until the 'Rule of Law' is re-established. No business will invest in an area where they believe their investment will not be protected by the police. The loss of Walmart in Dunnville is a perfect example of a clear corporate decision to pull out of Haldimand because of the breakdown in law enforcement.

Hundreds of jobs were lost by one company’s decision not to invest in an area without the stability provided by the 'Rule of Law'.

Passionate Leadership

When Fantino attempted to have a Hamilton Police officer living in Caledonia disciplined for speaking out I started a petition and organized a rally to help ensure his rights.

When a Cayuga builder was stopped by illegal occupations and the OPP refused to lay charges, I acted and got the court to certify Extortion, Mischief and Intimidation charges against the Montours who had also shut down other Haldimand sites. The Cayuga builder has now been free to finish the development and families now live in the new homes.

When the OPP refused to address the issue of debris being thrown from the overpass onto vehicles I went on TV with Mayor Trainer to speak out on the issue (Aug 2006). After two years of not addressing the danger I organized a rally at the Cayuga OPP station which resulted in new lights on the overpass and 24/7 OPP video surveillance to ensure that those using the bypass could do so safely.

When Sam Gaultieri was almost killed I stood with concerned residents at Stirling and helped the family get their message out to the media. In a few weeks I will present evidence in court, with the help of the Gaultieri family, to have criminal charges certified against senior OPP officers and one of McGuinty's ministers for violating section 180 of the Criminal Code: ‘Common Nuisance.’ This charge has been used against police officers across Canada when they fail to 'discharge a legal duty and thereby (a) endangers the lives, safety, health, property or comfort of the public.'

I co-authored the Human Costs report (101 pages), which has been downloaded over 30,000 times, allowing Canadians to see how real people living in Caledonia are being victimized by illegal occupations.

I co-authored two other reports: one on the economic cost of illegal occupations and another on the legal questions around occupations and Land Claims. Part of my role as an MP is public education to ensure people are informed about issues - a role all levels of government have completely failed to fulfil.

When the Media failed to cover the human story of how residents were being victimized, I created a website to ensure that residents had a voice.

The Ryerson Review of Journalism, in a story called, "Disputed Land Failed Coverage," stated that it was my site people turned to when other media refused to cover the story of Caledonia.

The National Post linked to my site in January 2008 saying it was a valuable source of information. In a modern world media attention is the only thing that brings real pressure on governments to act.

I went to Queen's Park three times in 2007 with the help of MPP Toby Barrett who booked the media studio. On March 14th, I helped a resident of Ipperwash tell her story. On April 17th a teenage girl from Caledonia told her story about life without policing on Sixth Line and, on Dec 4th I stood with three residents from Caledonia who spoke against illegal smoke shops and OPP Race-based Policing.

While Jim Anderson was traveling across Canada raising money for spinal cord regeneration research, he was falsely charged in Cayuga with assault. Jim contacted me and I provided evidence to the Crown and duty counsel proving his innocence while he continued onto Halifax.

Mayor Trainer's View

Mayor Trainer has seen and heard from concerned residents since the beginning. She has met with the OPP, Commissioner Fantino, RCMP, government negotiators, and Native people. She is a mayor concerned about her community caught in the middle of a serious crisis and has been able to see through all the propaganda. On Sept. 4th the Simcoe Reformer reported her views on my candidacy:

"Despite the OPP's and the McGuinty government's attempts to cast McHale as a troublemaker, Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer thinks his candidacy is positive. With McHale in the race, Trainer says Haldimand's quest for peace, law and order, stability and justice will feature prominently in the coming campaign. She says McHale will force the other candidates to state their position on the issue of two-tiered justice… He will keep the land claims issue in the forefront."

Property Rights & Land Titles

Property rights groups have sprung up across Canada due to the lack of respect for farmers and property owners in general. In Haldimand we have the added situation where the OPP refuse to respect people's title deeds to their land. On May 12/08 an OPP sergeant was filmed telling me that Land Title Deeds are not sufficient proof of ownership for law enforcement purposes against illegal occupations. The OPP doesn't care if you have a deed or that you are forced to pay property tax – to them your title deed is in question and so they refuse to enforce the Criminal Code.

Canada is in need of a federal watchdog to limit rights abuses by police and provincial governments. After all, the Charter of Rights is a federal document.

This Election

The people of Haldimand-Norfolk must answer one simple question: Who do you think will truly be a passionate advocate for you?

The Regional News reported that, after attending my Legalized MYTHS presentation July 21/08, Mayor Trainer stated "throughout history, there always seems to be a private individual behind a revolution."

On Oct. 14th, Dare to Believe that average people can demand real change and real leadership.
Vote Gary McHale
This is a paid message authorized by the Official Agent of Gary McHale.


  1. Who in their right mind would want a revolutionist speaking on their behalf as an MP?

    Who in their right mind would want a manipulator speaking on their behalf as an MP?

    Who would want an OPP hater to speak on their behalf as an MP?

    If this man was ever elected he would cross the floor in a new your minute.

    Besides the point most of what he talks about is a Provincial responsibility, he should have ran in the Provincial election, but then again he would never have won against Toby Barrett.

    I predict that Gary Mchale will gett around 1,500 votes!

  2. Gary speaks of the rule of law, I thought that this was a Provincial responsibility, how will he change this if elected? He won't!

    He is speaking as though Mayor Trainer supports him, she does not! I called her myself and asked her that question. She supports Diane Finley.

    Gary will be surprised when election night comes around and he looses miserably, then we will have to listen to him complain again that people lied to him.

    My vote goes to Diane Finley, for one simple reason, I am a Conservative and I believe in their platform. It is just that simple.

  3. Who in there right mind would fall for this crap. This is politics at its lowest.

  4. On Thursday, October 2, 2008, I went to the All Candidates Debate in Dunnville. I would like to take a minute to give my impressions of the candidates.

    The Conservative Party candidate, Diane Finley, was not in attendance. I think this sums up exactly what she stands for. The comment was made by the Christian Heritage Party candidate that he was sure she had a good reason; however, she did not deem us important enough to give that reason to.

    The Christian Heritage Party candidate, Steve Elgersma, seems to be a good man with strong convictions, but he is a little to extreme to earn my vote.

    The Green Part has a very progressive platform. Although the party leader, Ms. May, did an excellent job in the Leaders Debate, our local candidate, Stephana Johnston, was not prepared for our local debate and although sincere, I fear is not ready to represent us in Ottawa.

    The Liberal Party candidate, Dr. Eric Hoskins, is a great representative of his party and was by far the best politician at the debate. However, outside the Liberal Party Platform, he presented no ideas of his own. And like a good politician, he flip-flopped on many issues. For example, he said that he wants to see more development in Haldimand and he stands for saving farm land. Forgive me if I am being dense, but I don’t understand how you can have it both ways.

    Dr. Hoskins did make a very valid point about independent Gary McHale. If you support Mr. McHale’s efforts in Caledonia, don’t send him away to Ottawa with your vote. Keep him here, working for his cause, drawing attention to Caledonia’s concerns in a way that no politician, independent or otherwise, can.

    These conclusions leave, for me, only one option and one candidate – NDP candidate Ian Nichols. He was very well prepared for the debate. He understands his party’s platform, but is not blinded by it to the point that he forgets about his local constituents’ concerns.

    Unlike what Dr. Hoskins said in his closing statements (a very unprofessional comment, I might add), a vote for the NDP is not a vote for Finley. A vote for Ian Nichols is a vote for the people. For a Party Leader with the people at heart.

    We aren’t happy with Finley. We are not impressed with the Liberals. But we are NOT America. We are NOT a two party system. Don’t throw your vote away by voting for someone you don’t believe in to stop someone you don’t believe in from getting elected. There is an alternative, and the majority WANTS an alternative. I know who I am voting for.