Sunday, September 7, 2008

Haldimand "Federal Election 2008"

Well here we go, an election on our doorstep. I will be posting press releases from all the major players, but will try to focus mostly on what is happening in Haldimand/Norfolk.

I will post all the websites so that you can educate yourself on the issues if you are interested. If you find anything interesting, please post in the comments section and I will put the story up on my blog.

Here are some news releases:

Oct. 14th election a choice between certainty and risk
PM Stephen Harper

September 07, 2008

Now is not the time to gamble on Stéphane Dion’s "work-in-progress" carbon tax. Following his meeting with Her Excellency, the Governor-General, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the next election will be a choice between certainty and risk at a time when the world’s economy has entered a period of instability.

"Between now and October 14th, Canadians will choose a Government to look out for their interests at a time of global economic trouble. They will choose between direction or uncertainty; between common sense or risky experiments; between steadiness or recklessness," said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister said Parliament needs a new mandate.

"For two and half years, we’ve proven that minority government can work," said the Prime Minister. "We’ve stuck to our principles, delivered on our commitments and demonstrated an ability to bring about consensus on big national issues that transcend party lines. But now we have come to a moment that requires the people of Canada to choose the way forward."

The Prime Minister said now is not the time to gamble on Stéphane Dion’s carbon tax.

"The opposition insists on large-scale spending and a new tax. But even they admit that their carbon tax proposal is a work-in-progress," said the Prime Minister. "This tax will tack a cost on to every expenditure every family and every business makes. And it will do so for one purpose and one purpose only: to pay for spending promises the country cannot afford at the worst possible time."

The Prime Minister pledged his commitment to continue delivering steady leadership for Canadians:

"Over the coming weeks, my colleagues and I will talk about what we are doing and where we are headed," said the Prime Minister. "Our plans to preserve for seniors the opportunity live out their golden years with the financial security and health care they expect, to ensure our streets are safe, our borders are secure and our sovereignty protected and to ensure that our country remains united, strong and free."

The Prime Minister travels to Quebec City later today.

It's time to choose change
NDP Jack Layton

Good morning.

Today, Stephen Harper announced he is quitting as Prime Minister.
And so, today I’m applying for his job.

Unlike Stephen Harper, I’ll be a Prime Minister who puts you and your family first.
Unlike Stephen Harper, I’ll act on the priorities of the kitchen table, not just the boardroom table.

I’ll be a Prime Minister who’ll bring change not just from the past 25 months but change from the past 25 years.

Friends, the people who’ve been running this place behind me promised you they’d protect your job.

They didn’t.

And I’ve stood with many of you who have paid the price.

Like a father and son in Kenora – co-workers in their mill – who told me what it’s like to box up equipment they’ve worked with for years - so the company they worked for could ship it – and their jobs -- off to China.

There are over 150 new stories like that written every day in Canada.

The people who have been running this place behind me promised you they’d help make daily life more affordable.

They didn’t.

And today record numbers of Canadians are drowning in consumer debt – while more and more families just like yours are having a tougher and tougher time making ends meet.
They promised they’d reduce your health care wait times.

Well, they didn’t do that either.

And today, 5 million Canadians don’t have a family doctor.

They promised you they’d tackle the climate change crisis and protect the environment.
They didn’t get it done.

And today our polar ice caps are disappearing, our sea levels are rising and over 20,000 Canadians are dying each year, from air pollution.

I know first-hand what it’s like to rush an asthmatic child to the emergency ward on a smog day. No mom, dad or child should have to go through that experience.

You and I know that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Over the last five years, we’ve built a very impressive team of New Democrats. Women and men with experience at every level of Government.

We’re ready.

And so, in this election, voting for the New Democrats means:

Supporting a vision of hope and optimism,
Choosing change that moves us forward, not backward.
Here’s the kind of change I’m proposing

Real change, for the economy. For health care. For the environment.
For the economy:

I’ll stop tax cuts for companies who don’t need them, or who ship our jobs overseas.
Instead, we’ll invest that money with companies that provide training, and are innovating in the new energy economy and green collar jobs.

We’ll invest in your kids so they can get the education they deserve without mortgaging their future.

And we’ll stop the shameful rip-offs and gouging by cellphone giants, banks, and credit card companies.

For health care:

We’ll shorten health care wait lists not by making more empty promises but by training more doctors and nurses.

And I won’t stand idly by and wait when tainted meat, or bad water, or any public health emergency threatens your families’ health.

For the environment:

We’ll make sure Canada lives up to the challenge of climate change – not with Mr Harper’s idle words or by taxing you and your family – but with tough laws that force polluters to clean up the mess they’ve made.

We’ll invest in solutions that’ll create thousands of sustainable jobs and make environmental choices more affordable for you and your family.

We have obligations to future generations.

I believe that Canada can stand tall on the world stage.
I believe we can say goodbye to the George Bush era in our own conduct abroad.
I believe we can take the lead in world-wide efforts for peace and development.
I believe we can bring balance and pride to Canada’s voice at the tables of La Francophonie, the Commonwealth and United Nations.

Winds of change are blowing south of the border and many Canadians are catching that sense of optimism for a better North America – and indeed a better world.

We can choose that kind of optimism for Canada too, that hope for something better.

Instead of a place where growing corporate wealth benefits only the few—
We can build a Canada that looks after one another – that is as compassionate at home as it is competitive aboard.

Instead of a place where our first peoples live in third world conditions--
We can strive for social and economic equality for all.

Instead of Mr. Harper’s approach, that views immigrants and newcomers as little more than economic units—
We can build a Canada that fulfills its promise to all who come here – from every corner of the globe – seeking a better life for themselves and their kids.

Doing things the way they’ve been done for the last 25 years won’t build that Canada,
...but choosing change that moves us forward will.

And the first step toward that change is electing a Prime Minister who puts you and your family first.

On October 14, I’m asking you for your support to be that Prime Minister.

Don’t let them tell you it can’t be done.

September 7, 2008
Liberals will bring back a generous, prosperous Canada

OTTAWA - Canadians will choose between two radically different visions for Canada in the next election: the progressive, ambitious and generous vision of a Liberal government or the narrow-minded, right wing agenda of the Conservatives, said Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion.

"The Prime Minister broke his own fixed election law today, signaling just how ill prepared he is to face the difficulties of the country," said Mr. Dion. "He has ignored the climate change crisis, and brought Canada’s economy to the brink of recession. His government planned to cut to food inspectors and is only reacting now that we have a growing food safety crisis.

"Mr. Harper’s government is knee-deep in scandal, giving him no other option but to rush into an election in the hopes of wiping the slate clean," added Mr. Dion.

Mr. Dion pointed to the recent Statistics Canada report that shows the Conservative government has mismanaged the economy, and brought Canada to the brink of recession with the worst back-to-back economic quarters in 17 years, since the last Conservative government was in power.

"There is a pattern here: every time Canada is governed by a Conservative government, the economy stalls, jobs are lost and deficits appear on the horizon. Tory times are tough times. It’s always the way," he said.

Mr. Dion said that unlike the Conservatives’ do-nothing approach, the Liberal Party has a plan to put Canada’s economy back on track.

"Liberals have proven time and again that we can balance budgets, lower taxes and work with Canadians to build a progressive and strong economy. Our green shift plan is one example of how we will put in place the right incentives to encourage innovation and build a stronger economy for the future," he said.

"We will bring together the environment and the economy, not pit them against each other. We will build a more competitive economy, a cleaner environment, and a fairer society. We will fight the climate change crisis while making Canada more energy efficient. All this is possible. We have the plan; we have the team; we have the leadership."


  1. Well done on having this ready to go this morning Donna.It will be a scary but interesting time over the next few weeks.

    I frankly don't trust any of them for different reasons.

    What is our choice?

    1) The far right wing that clearly supports big business and big oil not to speak of support of the religious right.

    2) An untried and quite frankly weak middle of the road leader who at a time when the economy is in jeopardy wants to bring in more taxes that will impact not only commuters, middle class workers but those on fixed income like seniors with the green tax.

    3) The impact of the NDP, Green and Bloc parties on the number of seats available to the Conservatives and Liberals will make this an interesting race. Depending on how the vote ends up split between them will determine what we end up with on October 14.

    a)Majority Conservative Government - god forbid

    b)Majority Liberal Government - economic disaster

    c) Miniority Conservative Government - same old, same old

    d) Minority Liberal Government - Deja vu with Martin all over again.

    I know I sound negative about this election but I believe Harper has reasons for this election that have nothing to do with whether parliament will work or not since he has been able to govern for 3 years under the same circumstances. I believe Harper has bought into a North American Model for Canada and by having this election when we are he is synchronizing our election dates with those in the U.S. to better position us for union.

    He passed the law requiring the election to be next year and then ignored his own law to call an election when the polls clearly indicate that the result will be the same as what he just dissolved. That means his reasons for dissolving parliament at this time have nothing to do with the results of the election but likely a more sinister motive.

    I'm totally skeptical about this election.


  2. Well I'm with Lisa on this one, I can't see one logical reason why Harper would call an election at this time other than to create a smoke screen or diversion to keep our eyes from seeing what our government is really up to. I also agree with her point on the North American Union, since the days of Brian Mulroney I have always been able to see the stars and stripes in the Tory flag. The problem is I can't see any way of stopping this, it's already happened, we are already Americans in disguise. As for our choice of leaders, what choice? We have a right wing Conservative dictator, a pleasant but bumbling Liberal and a left wing NDP who while he and his wife pulled in high six figure salaries took up residence in public housing which they created themselves. Who can we trust? I don't know but certainly none of the above. Our right to vote has becaome a farce!!

  3. Thanks for your comments.

    It seems that not all the local candidates are up and running yet.

    We were are ready!

  4. I have the same opinion - it's hard to decide. But it's nothing new and I believe we are not the only nation to have difficult decision making. Look at US presidential elections - would you choose liberal populist Obama, or old school conservative guy from military academy?
    Take care

  5. Thanks Jay for your comment.

    It is nice to hear from someone in Vancover. Your are obviously very interested in the Federal Election.

  6. Donna good blog. I have just spent about 2 hours reading your posts, and have posted several comments. Keep up the good work.

    p.s. I would like to hear your personal view on the local candiates.