Monday, September 8, 2008

Haldimand "The Liberal Greenshift Plan"

Well here it is the Liberal green shift plan. I have read it and given you the links if you are interested in visiting their site.

I am a little sceptical on this plan, so if you have any insight into this to make it a little clearer to all of us, I thank you!

It seems that they are collecting a tax and only giving it back? What am I missing here? Will this really help the environment?

I don't know about you but I already pay an arm and a leg to heat my home with natural gas! I would hate to see what my Union Gas bills would be this winter if the Liberals get elected! Something smells bad about this plan!

The Liberal green shift plan: A bold response to the climate change crisis

The climate change crisis is the most serious environmental challenge in recorded human history. Scientists around the world agree that climate change is caused by human activity and we must act now.

Ignoring the problem will only cost us more down the road as we deal with extreme weather, droughts, floods, melting ice caps and rising sea levels. How do we measure the costs of millions of displaced people, or animal species driven to extinction?

Today we must show leadership if we are to leave the planet a better place for our children and grandchildren. We need an honest and intelligent debate.

The Liberal green shift is a bold plan to shift our economy away from fuels that pollute and contribute to the climate change crisis, and toward more efficient and cleaner energy.

When pollution is free, it distorts costs in favour of dirty energy. By putting a price on carbon emissions, we help to level the playing field, and encourage the development of new, greener technologies.

Every penny collected through the price on carbon will be given back to Canadians through personal income and business tax cuts, as well as tax credits. This revenue neutrality will be written into law, and verified by the Auditor General.

Environmentalists and economists alike support the principles of the Liberal green shift plan because it is the most efficient way to achieve real emissions reductions – and the Liberal plan is the only one that gives money back to Canadians.

The Liberal green shift plan will help make Canada a leader, and help us to innovate and profit from a new green economy in the 21st century.

For more information on the Liberal green shift plan, please visit:

The time has come to do what is right – not what is easy – for our environment and for our future.

That is why the Liberal Party of Canada has introduced the Green Shift, a bold plan that will cut income taxes, put a price on pollution, fight poverty and position Canada to be a leader in the 21st century global economy.

Our plan is as powerful as it is simple. We will cut taxes on those things we all want more of such as income, investment and innovation, and we will shift those taxes to what we all want less of: pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

Energy costs are soaring all over the world. While energy prices continue to rise, we need to encourage energy efficiency. We need to change wasteful habits. We need to discourage polluting activities.

But an economic slow-down is also threatening Canada – too many jobs are disappearing. So we need to create new, well-paying, green jobs.

We also need a fairer and more progressive tax system so that we help all Canadians become part of the solution to the climate change crisis while protecting lower- and middle-income Canadians and more vulnerable Canadians – seniors, the disabled, etc. – from rising energy costs.

Over four years, the length of a government’s usual mandate, we will put an increasing price on the greenhouse gas emissions associated with fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas. This greenhouse gas pollution is what traps heat in our atmosphere and causes climate change.

Higher energy costs will be off-set by tax cuts. We will dramatically reduce other taxes, for individuals and for businesses. We will make sure that this dramatic tax shift is revenue neutral.

It cannot be, and we commit that it will not become, a tax grab by government. This commitment will be enshrined in legislation, and we will have the Auditor General look at the numbers and confirm this each and every year to Canadians.

But putting money back in the hands of Canadians is only part of the solution. Investing in renewable energy and conservation – helping families to use less and pay less – is also key to our plan. As part of our broader climate change plan, Canadians will have access to a full suite of programs to help them reduce their own carbon footprint and the pollution they produce.

This will allow Canadians to save even more money on their own energy costs, while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution.

Our plan includes many other tax measures that will ensure no one gets left behind – specific measures for low-income earners, for families, for rural and Northern residents.

By the fourth year of our plan, we expect that a family with two children and a combined income of $20,000 will save almost $2,500; a family with two children earning $40,000 a year will save nearly $2,000; a family with two children earning $60,000 will save over $1,300, as will a family earning $80,000.

To attract investment and create jobs, our plan will also see corporations having their tax rates cut so they can invest more money in reducing their own pollution and increasing their energy efficiency.

In the coming weeks and months, Liberals will be criss-crossing the country holding discussions on our plan.

Read the Green Shift today and join our growing coalition – a coalition that crosses party lines and will move us beyond outdated notions of what it means to be right- or left-wing.

A coalition that will cross generational divides, as older generations work to leave to their children a better planet than they inherited, and younger generations unleash their passion and innovation against the challenge of climate change.


  1. The bottom line is, I think we all agree that something needs to be done to protect the environment but before we can shift to cleaner methods of heating our homes and running our cars the alternatives must be available and at this time they are not. Bio fuels have already been proven to not be the answer and in many ways are causing more damage than benefits. Secondly, why should the cost go to us, the bottom of the heap taxpayers. The oil companies have made and continue to make huge profits from the production of fossil fuels. We, the consumers have paid the price. Isn't it time that the people responsible for causing the damage be held responsible for paying to fix it? I mean if for instance a man gets caught selling drugs and is convicted that man pays the price for his actions, not the end user. I honestly cannot see any way for modern society to get around the use of personal transportation. Many alternatives have been offered, the good ones have been either covered up or shut down by the oil companies. I think it's time to make the guilty pay. As for the "Green Tax", it doesn't matter what party is in office, if they want to hit us with more taxes they will. How many of you are aware of the recently applied "carbon tax"? This is a hidden tax that has recently been applied to all carbon emission related goods. If you hadn't noticed the price of motor oil, oil filters, disposable batteries, tires, etc. recently went up by fifty cents per unit. If you don't believe me ask your local service station owner. We're gonna pay no matter what so forget about changing anything by voting for one party or another, it's futile. I will be writing in Rick Mercer on my ballot.

  2. This a good question, because something is missing.

    Say the plan that every penny spent on carbon tax is refunded.

    Where will the money to implement and maintain such a plan come from?? The Canadian Taxpayer!

    Such a plan will grow government at an enormous rate and and allow it to control energy forever. Taking away the incentive freedom for people to compete for lower energy costs.

    This plan is a movement of numbers at an astronomical rate. Look at the cost of the gun registry (now defunct).

    How do we know the planet is doomed by humans, the science is not in. Recent weather cycles have been repeated many times in millennium on this planet.

    Such a plan will increase inflation, look at what has happened within the last year with the economical impact to the rise in energy costs. How much will this increase the cost of a vehicle? (they will most likely be forced to be manufactured in other countries) So, just what will energy and taxation cost the next generation??

    This is not a well thought out plan. It is a political ploy based on fear, when there should not be fear of our future.

    We should responsibly move forward (not leap). I say conservation, education and practical clean technologies applied to the most economical fuels available.


  3. We have all been led to believe that we live in a democratic society where the wishes of the people are brought to fruition by our elected officials. The truth of the matter is that governments don't run the world, economy runs the world, and the economy is controlled by the big profit makers, the oil companies, insurance companies and banks. SO don't expect your vote to change anything, in fact change may be better brought about by officially declining your vote. At least then the powers that be would know that you are onto their game.

  4. It is not that hard to understand and it is only the logistics about green shift(or whatever policians call it to get elected), rather than the intent that frightens the voters.

    The intent is that profit must come from the 'true costs' of production. Right now international industries can come to Canada, build a factory (usually funded by gov't support, meaning you the taxpayer), make a profit (using roads etc financed by the taxpayer), and then leave the country, wealthy and happy investors (and the pollution be it nuclear wastes, asbestos, mould, etc is left - yes you guessed it to the taxpayer - you, to clean up)

    Now because the taxpayer is either too busy or too lazy to actually go through Federal budgets and find out how much $$ they are presently paying, either in hidden and/or politically justified tax funded $$, then you the taxpayer will continue to pay for the cleanups, the destruction to the environment, the medical bills, asthma costs funded by families, eye examinations, prescription drugs etc etc.

    The true cost to the environment, medical costs,clean up costs, transportation costs, etc etc are being funded by you the taxpayer.

    And we now know that around 90% of the wealth added to the Canadian economy, over the past years, ended up in the hands of less than 1% of the population. (and surprise, surprise we learned this from the last census).

    So go ahead maintain the status quo, and I hope you continue to enjoy your lineups at emergency, your eye examinations costs, your drug prescription costs, all of which used to be covered, and all the other costs (clean up of the environment, road repairs, etc) that have been downloaded by the Canadian government over the last 20 years.

    Canadians were asked originally to pay taxes to cover health care, infrastructure etc etc and now are being asked by their government to continue to fund higher taxes at the same time that these services are being cut back.DUH!!!

    Some parties try to manipulate these facts with lower taxes. But everytime you get a tax break you also get downloaded costs to you and your family. e.g. now your kids are being asked to pay for educational costs. (How much did you as parents pay this September? Did it pretty much equal the cost of the tax break you received from the federal government?)

    Parents pay more for school supplies, university students pay more for university costs, patients pay for medical costs that used to be covered, possible toll roads ahead to fund transportation, added costs to gas to pay for environmental changes, etc etc etc

    Instead of getting blogged down with the details, vote for the vision.

    Make those who create the mess fund the mess.

    Vote for the true costs of doing business in Canada.

    Study the census to find out who is profiting from you paying more.

    Look to alternative solutions.

    Be mindful of true costs!

    Be mindful of the costs you are placing on your grandchildren.

    For example, study the true costs of bottled water, that you pay when most fresh water is found in Canada.

    How much does it cost to make a plastic water bottles, to recycle, to end up in a garbage dump, to disintegrate, costs to environment, etc Yes you can buy 24 plastic water bottles for $2.49 (with industry still making a profit) sometimes at your local grocery store, but figure out the costs you pay in tax dollars to recycle, or send to the garbage dump.

    The idea of those who pollute and gain financial wealth from doing so needs to be examined... many of these issues were resolved years ago in Europe. Now we need to make the piper pay the costs of creating carbon. Then the true cost from the birth of a plastic water container to the end of its life needs to be costed, BECAUSE YOU THE TAXPAYER ARE PAYING THOSE COSTS RIGHT NOW! The idea of true cost being paid by the producer is not news. Make sure that others do not profit by millions of dollars, as you the taxpayer pick up in taxes their costs.

    Read the blogs!! and alternative press, to get another perspective.
    We will get the government we deserve.

  5. I’m sixty years young, I’m self employed, and I bring in $25,000.00 year (well into the poverty range). I work hard and am very proud of what I do. My 3 children are post secondary, in college, and working their way through, (cause there is no money here for them). As a family, we don’t ask for anything from government, wishing Government would grant us the same.
    Therefore we must vote! Regardless of how inept government is, or is not perceived to be. The generations before that fought for our freedoms that we enjoy today deserve that much.
    So, vote for the party that, will not through taxation, lower education, health, energy and infrastructure costs, for all Canadians.
    Creative competition, ingenuity, tight accounting, sacrifice and hard work can bring down the above mentioned costs. Creating bigger government will only dig a hole so deep, there will be no incentive left in individuals or industry to crawl back out and be productive.
    Should government be held responsible for the well being of all Canadian families? Where should this responsibility really fall? How much more money can a bigger government take from the Canadian family? How much money will Canadian’s be able to lay away for their family’s future if taxation rates continue to rise? Again, where should this responsibility really fall?
    So as it is, the Government, who are of the people, blindly pay the Government to look after the same people, thus creating the largest bloated employer in the country. Somehow it all seems absurd!

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    I have said this before and I will say it again. The most important part of my blog are the comments that people make, and I must say some of these comments are quite remarkable.

    It gives me hope that people have not given up! We all need to vote!

    For the person that posted the comment that is "sixty years" young Thank You! You are a very proud person. I hope you don't mind I am going to post your comment as a blog and will name it "Somehow it all seems absurd"!

  7. Well I think we can all be relieved that this plan is a dead one. Dion is done.